Fine Dining On The French Riviera
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Fine Dining On The French Riviera

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The French Riviera — a playground for the world’s elite. This stretch of land along France’s south coast is synonymous with luxury and class.

Like everything done on the French Riviera, the region takes dining to the next level — France has more Michelin starred restaurants than any country on Earth.  

So, don your finest dining outfit, we have picked some of the best restaurants along the Cote d’Azur from Marseille to Menton.

The beach at Nice, France.
The French Riviera is a playground for the world’s elite. Credit: Arno Smit

Le Park 45 – Cannes

If you are heading to the famed Festival de Cannes this year — be sure to stop at Le Park 45 in Grand Hotel Cannes on the famed Croisette boulevard, a short walk from the festival.

This Michelin starred restaurant serves incredibly inventive European cuisine catered by chef Sebastien Broda. The seafood is especially fresh and plenty of vegetarian options are sure to please every palette. Before dinner, have an aperitif in Le Cercle bar — after your meal head to the terrace for incredible sea views.

Cannes from a hillside, overlooking the French Riviera.
Cannes, France. Credit: Jim Thirion

Le Petite Nice – Marseille

Crossing the Rivera to Marseilles, you find the stunning vistas of Le Petite Nice. This thrice Michelin starred restaurant is one of the best in the world. An institution since 1917, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a restaurant anywhere of the same calibre.

Marseille port on the French Riviera.
Marseille on the French Riviera. Credit: Elisa Schmidt

Nestled inside of the La Petit Nice Hotel, set menus catered by Chef Gerald Passedat offer a grand meal completely envisioned by the chef — A La Carte menus are provided as well. The restaurant tends to serve almost exclusively seafood — incredible dishes ranging from sea anemone to grilled and then slow-cooked ‘catch of the day’ in a cuttlefish reduction. The seafood could not be fresher. The restaurant has limited options for vegetarians.

It’s hard to go wrong dining on fresh seafood, overlooking the sea at La Petit Nice.

Mirazur — Menton

Just a short distance from the Italian border, Mirazur offers an interesting fusion cuisine on the cliffsides of the Mediterranean Sea. Another thrice Michelin starred restaurant, this new-aged eatery offers menus based on a ‘biodynamic calendar’. That is, chef Mauro Colagreco designs his menus based on “the link between heaven and earth and the influence of the Moon and the planets on plants.”

Menton, where France meets Italy. Hillside full of colourful buildings.
Menton, where the French Riviera meets the Italian border. Credit: Anjelo Jesus

It seems to be working. Guests will enjoy different set menus depending on the day—the roots menu is inspired by the available roots, similarly with leaves, flowers and fruits. Although the menu is always changing — the quality of the food remains excellent. Meat and seafood dishes are offered with plenty of vegetarian dishes. The produce is sourced from the restaurant’s own gardens and is as fresh as it gets.

Although just a snapshot of the restaurants that await you as you dine your way through the south of France — these restaurants are an excellent starting point. Whether sailing down the coast or taking a leisurely drive around this magnificent coast, be sure to visit these exquisite restaurants.

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