The Top 7 Luxury Clubs in Ibiza this Summer
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The Top 7 Luxury Clubs in Ibiza this Summer

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Looking for the best luxury clubs in Ibiza this summer? We’ve got you covered.

While this Utopia may not offer the same spiritual enlightenment or retrospect as visiting The Great Wall of China or The Taj Mahal, its vast array of lively beaches and luxurious clubs offer a ritualistic and religious experience that immerses you in the moment. With such a wide variety, it’s often very difficult to find which is the best luxury clubs in Ibiza. 

Synonymous with hedonistic parties, Ibiza is more than just a socialite’s paradise or a place to escape reality, it’s a Balearic nirvana that holds the power to set you free. Whether you’re getting lost in its crowded streets, venturing through its rustic and terracotta-roofed fincas, exploring its old town, bathing in its sapphire waters or connecting with a stranger over a bottle of Pérignon at 4am in the morning, Ibiza will leave you mesmerised.

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Situated on one of the most preserved Mediterranean seabeds, Ibiza is quintessentially the closest thing to a modern-day Atlantis with an aura that feels other worldly and a beguiling magnetism that will have you never wanting to leave. With a vast array of day clubs, nightclubs, celeb-filled restaurants and extensive VIP-guest lists, Ibiza is a must for all hedonists or even those seeking prosperity. 

So if you’re planning to visit Ibiza this summer and want to party in style, here’s DDW’s round-up of some of the most decadent and stylish superclubs this eighth wonder of the world has to offer. 


Pacha- Top 1 luxury clubs in Ibiza
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The first Luxury club in Ibiza on our list is Pacha. Since opening back in 1973, Pacha has become a staple for all fans of dirty house beats and sexy electronic vibes. Known for its iconic cherry-pasted logo, Pacha has hosted some of the world’s most legendary and prolific DJ’s to date, holding a record for the Island’s longest residencies. 

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Pacha’s prodigious interiors hold multiple rooms that offer different party experiences and music such as House, Funk and R&B, and what’s better is its impressive panoramic roof terrace where you can chill, cool down and even enjoy a selection of cocktails under the moonlight. 

Pacha is currently hosting Marco Carola’s ‘Music On’ residence until October 14th.

Cova Santa

Cova santa - Top 2 luxury clubs in Ibiza
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Owned by Amnesia since 2001, Cova Santa is another luxury club in Ibiza we highly recommend. Built on top of a cave and far away from the hustle and bustle, Cova Santa is well-known for its illustrious Flamenco shows and Woomoon parties, becoming a famous after-party hotspot. If you’re looking for the ultimate Ibiza double-bill, be sure to hit Marco Carola’s Music On residence at Pacha and then Cova Santa for an unparalleled astounding afterparty experience. 

Ushuaïa Ibiza

Ushuaïa Ibiza-Top 3 luxury clubs in Ibiza
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Next on our luxury clubs in Ibiza list is Ushuaïa. Known as one of Ibiza’s best superclubs, Ushuaïa has held sophisticated daily parties from 5:00pm until midnight ever since opening in 2011. The superclub is another hot spot for celebrities with names such as Paris Hilton, Naomi Campbell and most recently Messi making appearances.

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If you’re looking for a luxury club in Ibiza that offers world-class music and suavely cultivated vibes then Ushuaïa is for you.  With huge monolithic LED screens, luxurious Balinese beds and an exterior filled with fashionistas, Ushuaïa earns its place as one of the best superclubs on the Isle, and rightly so.

Hï Ibiza

Hi Ibiza- Top 4 luxury clubs in Ibiza
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Hï Ibiza is one of Ibiza’s staples. Replacing Space, Hï Ibiza has had big shoes to fill but following a huge renovation and fresh look, the recently re-launched superclub holds one of the most advanced sound and lighting systems on the island. Attracting the world’s biggest DJs with live acts performing every night of the week, Hï is guaranteed to be one of the must-see party spots, especially for the more experienced vets.


Lio- Top 5 luxury clubs in Ibiza
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Known as being one of the Island’s most famous spots when it comes to celebrity guests,  Lio’s restaurant and nightclub make for a spectacular party experience. Having hosted celebrities such as Michael Jordan and Idris Elba, it is no surprise that reservations must be made weeks in advance with spots on the club’s guest-list in high demand all year round. 

Image courtesy of Lio

Lio will have even the most up-tight letting loose with its legendary performances of hedonistic and provocative gymnastics, ballet and soul acts triggering a sense of liberation in all. Being at Lio is like being part of something incredibly secretive, intimate and special, and once it’s over, it’s over. Lio’s interior isn’t the only thing to boast about, directly behind the club’s world-famous main stage is the marina mooring dozens of super yachts where famous faces will be surely spotted. 


Tox- Top 6 luxury clubs in Ibiza
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Tox is a must for those looking for a more affluent experience whilst visiting the Island. Offering exclusive VIP parties in a small intimate dark room with a capacity of 150, Tox combines the provocative aura of Pacha with a touch of sophistication and sensibility. With a pulsating sound system and intimate interior, Tox offers an exclusive VIP experience not to be missed. 


Pikes- Top 7 luxury clubs in Ibiza
Image courtesy of Pikes

The last luxury club in Ibiza on our list is Pikes

Pikes is probably one of the most iconic Ibizan clubs with George Michael’s Wham having filmed the video for their most famous track ‘Club Tropicana’ here. 

Pikes hotel hosts some of the island’s most extravagant and outlandish parties with revellers dancing late into the night. 

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The hotel’s ownership was recently taken over by Ibiza Rocks back in 2011 and since then has hosted a variety of very particular parties offering vibes from pulsating beats to more reserved quiet nights where visitors sit back, relax and enjoy the Club Tropicana ambience with a beautiful sunset backdrop. 

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