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Camelphat | Two Intimate Gigs

Camelphat | Two Intimate Gigs

Electronic dance duo Camelphat took over East London to showcase their new single; Rabbit Hole.

Grammy-nominated Liverpudlian DJ duo Camelphat played two iconic London gigs in one 24 hour sprint. Combining a sublime set of sumptuous house music with melodic lyrics, their performance captivated the audiences across both XOYO in the afternoon and Village Underground in the evening.

Fans from across the country flocked to see the international act and even braved the cold in outfits more fit for MMW in Miami or Ibiza‘s opening parties than January in East London. 

Both dance-floors swelled to capacity and revelers sang along to hits like ‘Cola’, ‘Panic room’ and ‘Be Someone’. With camera-phones in the air and hands punching in jubilant celebration; lasers, lights, and smoke filled the venues.