What To Consider When You First Move In Together
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What To Consider When You First Move In Together

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This is a crucial step for many relationships. Are you ready to take the leap and move in with your partner?

Moving in together is a pivotal step for many relationships. It’s one of the ultimate milestones for a couple, posing several challenges but also the potential for a deeper sense of commitment, connection and intimacy. 

Navigating such big changes in your lives takes careful planning and consideration of various factors. Here are the most important to consider before, during and after the transition.


One of the most important aspects to consider is how you’ll handle finances now you’re cohabiting. Openly discuss your income, debts and financial goals. Decide whether you’ll merge finances or keep them separate, how you’ll split bills and how the responsibility of managing them will work. 

Other changes such as sharing subscriptions service and using a multi-car insurance policy could be a good option that will help to save you both money, which can be put towards other things such as decorations or holidays.

Establishing a clear, fair financial plan and maintaining open and honest communication throughout can help prevent misunderstandings and conflicts later on.

Space and privacy

Understanding and respecting each other’s need for space and privacy is crucial in relationships. Discuss your living habits, schedules and how you each like to spend your downtime. You may be someone who needs quiet time alone to recharge, while your partner might prefer more consistent face time. 

Finding a balance that works for both of you is key to cohabitating peacefully and should help to ensure your relationship is sustainable. Each person has the right to live how they want to at the end of the day.

Household tasks

Dividing household chores fairly is a must to help prevent resentment and arguments on the matter down the line. Talk about your preferences regarding cleanliness and organisation. Some may be more scrupulous than others, so it’s worth understanding what your partner expects early on.

Consider making a weekly or monthly chore chart to keep track of who does what. Being flexible and willing to trade tasks as needed can also help maintain harmony and fit necessary tasks around your already busy lives.

Communication and conflict

Living together will inevitably bring challenges and disagreements, so be sure to establish healthy communication practices from the very start. Approach conflicts with the intention of understanding and resolving, rather than winning. 

Practice active listening, express your feelings clearly and constructively, and always strive for compromise and mutual respect. There’s no shame in wanting to prioritise your needs, but don’t let that taint your relationship.

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