What Is The Astronomical Event That’s Shaking Up Valentine’s Day?
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What Is The Astronomical Event That’s Shaking Up Valentine’s Day?

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Valentine’s Day is upon us and astrology has its own plans for the signs this year. Whether you’ve realised it or not, we’ve actually just emerged out of a hectic period of cosmic upheaval  — one that involved deep-diving into our relationships during January’s Venus retrograde and fighting to hold our thoughts together during the Mercury retrograde.

This Valentine’s Day, the ancient saying that love is written in the stars may just be truer than usual: in addition to the rapidly-approaching full moon, the romance planet Venus and the sexy planet Mars will be cuddled up together in a two-month conjunction.

The Venus-Mars conjunction happens just once a year and lasts around 10 days, not the two months we’ll be experiencing in February, March, and early April, and it has the potential to create some steamy and sensuous new beginnings, particularly in the world of love and relationships.

Valentine's Day
Astronomical conjunction of Saturn, Jupiter and Moon | Credit: iStock

Mars is a planet with masculine energy that oversees assertiveness, passion, sexuality, and pursuit, whereas Venus is feminine and governs love, beauty, magnetic allure, and attraction. But we all know opposites attract… As a result, it’s no wonder that when the Mars and Venus meet in orbit, sparks fly in our lives. Venus-Mars conjunctions are noted for infusing partnerships with passion and intensity. This conjunction has the potential to attract a new love partner into your life or to liven up an existing relationship.

For the most part, this is excellent news for all star signs. Since individuals are more daring with issues of the heart during this transit, the fact that Venus and Mars will be flirting on Valentine’s Day is great timing. We are much more likely to put our emotions out there, disclose sentiments of love and attraction, and go all-in.

However, there are a few things to keep in mind during this intense alignment of planets. The god Mars and the goddess Venus were regarded as forbidden lovers in Greco-Roman mythology, so it’ll be crucial to enjoy your intense emotions while trying to remain level-headed.

Wondering what this means for you? Read on to see how each star sign might be affected by the event.


You might be looking forward to an exciting new work romance or perhaps some self-love this V-Day. And when March comes around, watch out for some friends who might be looking to become more. 


This Valentine’s Day, let the conjunction’s energy into your sex life and experiment. You might also want to take a trip this February, either with a lover or to find one. 


This Valentine’s Day, you’ll be seeking depth and trust. Is a commitment on the cards? 


Expect some major developments and milestones when it comes to your romantic relationships if you’re in any. And if not, a plethora of potential suitors might be coming your way so gear up for some decision-making. 


February will give you a new sense of structure, so you’ll be clear about who and what you want, and you’ll do whatever it takes to get it.


It’s a perfect moment for single Virgos to enter the dating scene since their confidence will be at an all-time high, and they’ll draw a lot of sensual energy from admirers. Whether you’re single or not, you’ll be feeling especially sexy on Valentine’s Day.


You might be feeling like starting a family or settling down this month, so approach this with a level head. Please.


For many Scorpios, this Venus-Mars conjunction will feel pretty natural because of their passionate temperament. You’ll be drawn to intriguing conversation and good communication this Valentine’s Day, though.


Expect to be lavished with presents and love in February, as your second house of money and personal values will be on show.


In February, Venus and Mars will visit your first house, which represents the foundation of who you are and your path in life. Expect to exude a greater feeling of assurance. It will pay off to put yourself out there on all levels–romantically, platonically, professionally, and spiritually.


This month, pay attention to your heightened sense of intuition. Single Aquarians may choose to utilise this period to heal, while those in couples may wish to temporarily withdraw a little. This might also be a period for endings, so proceed with caution.


Expect your social life to become more active, improving your chances of meeting a prospective love interest who shares your goals. This Valentine’s Day, you’ll be drawn to different types of people, or a friend may surprise you and make you want to take things a step further. If you’ve been in a relationship for a long time, you’ll want to shake things up by breaking rules you claimed you’d never break.

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