Visit Lawrence Van Hagen’s Classy Exhibition – The Corpo E Mente
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Visit Lawrence Van Hagen’s Classy Exhibition – The Corpo E Mente

June 14, 2022 Share

The Corpo e Mente exhibition will run from June 11 – 29, 2022, at the Palazzo Barbaro – a pair of adjoining palaces in the San Marco district of Venice.

What’s Up exhibition’s, 28-year-old curator Lawrence Van Hagen, is pleased to present its upcoming exhibition Corpo e Mente, a contemporary representation of the human form that explores the different ways in which artists depict ideas of identity. 

Corpo e Mente is an Italian phrase for mind, body, and soul and will be held inside the famous Palazzo Barbaro, the former residence of Giosafat Barbaro, a Venetian ambassador. Situated on the Grand Canal, it comprises two distinct halves and is one of Venice’s least altered and, therefore, most original Palazzos. 

Corpo e Mente
The south facade of the palace is located on the side of the Canal Grande. Pinterest.

Today the Palazzo has long been an inspiring location for those passionate about the arts. One curator and mogul in the art industry uses this as an opportunity to host some of the most significant contemporary masters.

Lawrence van Hagen (LVH) is an independent art advisor who deals in post-war, modern, and contemporary art. Operated in partnership with Smart Fine Arts, LVH is a family-run business supporting up-and-coming and more established artists. 

An unwavering passion makes him a rising star in the competitive art world. After the success of his breakthrough art exhibition series, What’s Up, which highlights artists’ past and present, he is continuously looking forward, meeting new artists and collectors, and making discoveries. 

Corpo e Mente
Portrait of Lawrence Van Hagen. Photo by Molteni Luca Faloni.
Corpo e Mente
Image of Lawrence Van Hagen. Photo by Molteni Group.

With exhibition studios in London, Hong Kong, and New York, the 2022 exhibit will highlight pieces from Claire Tabouret, Georg Baselitz, Nicolas Party, and more.

According to the site, his inspiration stems from this year’s Biennale theme. Corpo e Mente will bring Venice an exciting display of twentieth and twenty-first-century artists employing an array of philosophical theories to engage in similar ideas as those put forward in the pavilions.

Corpo e Mente
Installation view of the ‘What’s Up’ exhibition curated by Lawrence Van Hagen in Hong Kong.
Portrait of Lawrence Van Hagen. Photo by Molteni Luca Faloni.

Visit the exhibition by appointment only at

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