Frieze L.A. Hangover? Check Out These Exhibitions to Keep the Artistic High Going
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Frieze L.A. Hangover? Check Out These Exhibitions to Keep the Artistic High Going

February 23, 2023 Share

After Frieze L.A 2023, these ongoing exhibitions will do your art-hangover better than a greasy breakfast sandwhich.

It’s been four days and our Frieze L.A hangover is still going strong. It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone – who wouldn’t want to linger a little longer in the afterglow of an event that attracted 120 galleries from 22 different countries to the Santa Monica airport hangar? And whilst the hangover shows no signs of abating, we’re here with a glass of water to quench your art thirst. With Frieze looking to encourage its visitors to engage with the rest of the city, lots of high-profile exhibitions are still open.

Here are some of our favorites.

Anne Imhof’s ‘EMO’

5th of Febriary to 6th of May

Image courtesy of Nadine Fraczkowski

Anne Imhof‘s rocked some of the most important and prestigious art fairs and events around the globe, and she’s pretty much doing the same in her first-ever L.A exhibition. It consists of a multi-medium immersive exhibit that plays with spatial configurations so as to exalt and frustrate the viewing experience.

Nadia Yaron‘s ‘For the flowers and the clouds and the wind and the trees’

20th of January – 25th of March

Hosted at the Francis Gallery until the 25th of March, Nadia Yaron’s ‘For the flowers and the clouds and the wind and the trees’ is a celebration of nature. Sculptural totemic pieces in 32 different kinds of wood populate the gallery in a collection that feels contemporary and poetic in equal measure and explore the artist’s intrinsic relationship to natural materials and their inherent properties.

Refik Anadol‘s ‘Live Paitings’

14 February – 8 April 8 2023

Image courtesy of @Gossamer

Coinciding with Frieze and going on until the 8th of April is A.I artist Refik Anadol’s live paintings, an exhibition that blends human nature and machine-mad realities through the powerful visual tools of artificial intelligence. Hosted at Jeffrey Deitch, his work blends surreal hallucinations in dreamy colour scapes and compositions.

Simone Forti

15 January – 2 April 2023

Image courtesy of WikiArt

Simone Forti is an iconic choreographer which has shaped the dialogue between dance and art, using movement as a tool for discussion. This exhibition at MoCa is her first-ever on the West Coast, and features work in the form of “paper, videos, holograms, and performance ephemera and documentation”.

All in all, Frieze L.A. may be over, but the art world in Los Angeles is still going strong. So grab a friend, put on your walking shoes, and explore all the amazing art that this city has to offer.

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