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Music, Fashion, Art, Lifestyle One of the most recent names in music to branch out into the design world is star DJ Peggy Gou, who released her own vibrant luxury fashion range, KIRIN, in 2019 – and just over a year since its launch, KIRIN is yet to slow in its hype. 👗🎼🎧 @yoox #ddw

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Tour The USA Like A Rockstar

The essential bus and tunes for a rockstar tour of the country

Freedom, the open road … and some rockin’ tunes to accompany the journey. This has been the dream of countless musicians; making the pilgrimage across the vast expanses of the USA, playing gigs along the way, meeting new friends and taking in the nation’s sights. 

The romance of the road has long been documented by musical icons and up-and-comers alike. There is an inescapable attraction to the life of the rambling musician, days filled with writing and jam sessions, nights filled with hedonism and adventure. Nothing encapsulates the ‘life’ more than the tour bus itself - an icon of status and musical prowess alike, it holds itself as a central figure in the annals of musical history. 

Touring has been an integral part of the music experience ever since the invention of recorded music. Few things can translate the energy, passion and rawness of a live performance more than being at a concert. Sadly, this year has meant that all tours have had to be cancelled or relocated to the digital sphere - leaving the whole infrastructure set up for the annual concert rounds parked and gathering dust. 

This spells good news, however, for those that want to live out their rock n roll fantasies on the road- all tour buses that are normally reserved for the biggest bands in the world, are available and ready for rental. Why not rent one of these giant houses on wheels and cross the country like Dylan, the Stones or Zeppelin?

We have put together some of the coolest buses on offer and a short list of the 7 best ever live albums, recorded whilst on the road… enjoy and rock on!

Your tour bus

Your tour bus


The industry leader with 35 years of rock n' roll heritage. These luxury coaches come complete with 12 bunks, a queen bed suite, TVs, WiFi, showers, bathrooms, and galley and lounge areas.

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