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SIR: A Retrospective of Rock Royalty

Rocket Man, The Pinball Wizard, Sir Elton…we know the legendary singer Elton John by many names. Throughout his storied life he has carved his place into the bedrock of music and cultural history; impacting how we live, dress and dance. His many phases and faces were recorded by a pantheon of the world’s best photographers, including Terry O’Neill and Norman Parkinson and now they can be enjoyed in a stunning retrospective by Morrison Hotel Gallery. From Thursday, the 2nd of April, this online exhibition will show iconic imagery and provide the opportunity to buy prints signed by the artist himself. 

Elton John in 1975

Intrigued? Come check out the works here and get a piece of rock n roll history.

English pop star and pianist Elton John travels in a private Boeing jet complete with piano bar during his 1974 US tour.

The Rocketman is joining the largest benefit concert in human history, will you be attending?