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10 Reasons Russia is The Only Place For Adventure

From Russia With Love

Life is just a collection of experiences - one by one collected and compiled to create the narrative of our life’s journey. In the end, the limited time we get on this Earth is our most precious commodity and how we choose to spend that time defines us and our stories we leave behind.

In the era of social media, wanderlust and the phenomenon of FOMO (‘fear of missing out’) have inspired a whole new generation to explore the globe and tick off items from their newly minted ‘bucket lists’. 

For the more adventurous out there, few places in the world could provide more authentic once-in-a-lifetime experiences than the great nation of Russia. Vast, wild and filled with the remnants of a complicated Imperial and Soviet past - there is no country like it and the opportunities for exploration are endless. 

From the bling of Moscow’s billionaires to the frosty wilderness of Siberia - DDW explores the 10 most incredible life experiences to do in Russia today: 

1. Ride the Trans-Siberian Railway

Ride a Dogsled in Siberia  - russia

Crossing 8 of the 11 time zones Russia occupies, 16 rivers and going through 87 cities and towns, the Trans-Siberian railway is a truly spectacular way to take in some of the most jaw-dropping parts of the world. Unlike any other journey on Earth, this is the longest single train route on the planet covering 9,258km (6,152 miles) and taking seven full days. 

Hallowed as the greatest rail trip on earth, passengers are carried from Moscow to the far east city of Vladivostok. Along the way - those on board can witness the majesty of the Ural Mountains, the vast Gobi Desert and the snowy peaks and tundra of Siberia.

Those that can’t get enough of the rail can continue their adventure, changing at Vladivostock and jumping on the Trans-Mongolian railway to Beijing. Don’t forget your copy of Dostoyevsky and a bottle of Russia’s finest vodka to keep you company.

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