DDW’s Guide to Mediterranean Male Fashion in Summer 2022
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DDW’s Guide to Mediterranean Male Fashion in Summer 2022

June 25, 2022 Share

From linen shirts to gladiator sandals; here’s all the fashion trends for summer 2022.

With summer just around the corner, days are getting longer, trousers are getting shorter and shirts are getting lighter. Out with the trainers and jackets and in with our inner European summer alter egos, mediterranean male fashion this summer consists on sporting unbuttoned linen shirts and camel-coloured loafers.

But what does Mediterranean male fashion consist of this summer? Are we wrong in still incessantly channelling our young Jude Law in the hopes that if we dream hard enough we’ll wake up in a quaint Italian village by the sea? 

The truth is, there’s an art to European summer menswear – which is perhaps why it’ll likely never go out of fashion. It is in equal measures classic and elegant, but the true Mediterranean modern man is now opting for slightly edgier looks. Not just any linen shirt does the job – the 21st-century Mediterranean man is now looking at fabrics, cuts and ethical sourcing. 

For 2022 footwear we’re placing our bets on sandals. We all know the Berliners will sport their Birkenstocks with pride, but the Greeks, Italians and Spaniards will probably steer clear of the black leather and opt instead for brown or camel – as they always have. The key, usually, is to stick to light, airy and earthly tones and away from darker shades that do nothing to accentuate your (hopefully) golden tan. 

Talking about tan – watch out for your jewellery. If you have not seen the sun for days make sure to consider silver as opposed to gold, or else risk looking paler than you might be. Another thing to steer clear from is graphic t-shirts. The Mediterranean style relies on patterns, shades and fabrics, but not on your favourite movie poster being plastered on your chest. 

Oh, and then there’s the buttons. As a general rule of thumb, the closer one lives to the sea the more acceptable it is to sport a more open shirt. If the waves are nowhere in sight stay safe and button yourself up or you risk looking a little too eager. 

Once armed with a rundown of the never-failing basics, here are some shops you might want to have a look at for some Mediterranean inspiration. 

COS for Minimalist Aesthetic

COS is an all-time favourite amongst architects and designers. Their pieces are simple but outstanding – their quality is significantly above par. For summer they offer beautifully cut short-sleeve shirts which give an edge to your beach wear. 

Image courtesy of COS

Toast for the Mediterranean way of Life

Despite its Welsh origins, Toast does wonders in emulating the slow-paced rhythm of life by the sea. With a strong focus on longevity and craft, the brand explores the Mediterranean ways of living through its curated fashion sense. 

Methen for Boutique Clothing

Image courtesy of Methen

Methen captures the true Athenian essence in their limited but quality clothing. Small and boutique-like, Serapis is like a gem hidden in the nooks and crannies of Santorini. 

Orsalia Parthenis for European Essence

For Orsalia Parthenis it’s all about stripes, ponchos and tunics in rough organic fabrics. Their fashion is timeless and has been evoking a certain chique Sportif since the 70s. 

Image courtesy of Orsalia Patheos
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