5 Summer Destinations in Egypt
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5 Summer Destinations in Egypt

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Egypt has some of the most beautiful spots in the world. Most of the best summer destinations in Egypt are overlooking both the Mediterranean and the Red Sea.

Golden grains of sand. A bright sky adorned with flashes of pink and orange. Gentle waves lapping against the shore. A warm breeze of air blowing some strands of your hair while tanning.

This is the kind of summer you deserve! If you want to explore a new country and guarantee a wonderful summer experience, Egypt is your go-to place! Away from the hustle and bustle of the cities and the popular tourist areas, Egypt has a lot of beautiful spots to enjoy in the summer. Explore the country’s most beautiful beaches, hidden gems, and best underwater spots in this article.

Here are five of the best sun-soaked Summer destinations in Egypt.


Forget about beach and night parties, the luxurious hotels and the busy schedule of travellers. When it comes to Dahab, we talk about the simplicity and serenity of the city. Dahab’s name, which translates to “Gold,” was given to it because of the water’s golden hue at dusk. However, some claim that it was given this name due to the region’s golden-yellow sand. It is currently one of the most popular summer spots in Egypt and is located on the Red Sea coast around 100 kilometres from Sharm El Sheikh.

Dahab is well recognised for its underwater activities, where you can explore the most exceptional coral reefs and aquatic life. The Blue Hole, a diving area 130 metres deep with an entrance that is 6 metres wide, is among the most well-known locations. The Blue Hole is considered one of the best diving locations in the Red Sea and in the world where you can discover the submerged world and all its surroundings.

Another stunning spot in Dahab is Laguna Island, which is distinguished by the blending of the various hues of nature, including the clear sky of Dahab, Laguna Beach’s azure waters, and golden yellow sand.  Wondering about what you can do at night? Towaylat Mountain is the answer. Forget about the typical nightlife and parties. When in Dahab, nothing beats a Bedouin dinner at Towaylat Mountain with all the stars gazing at you while you’re enjoying the one and only Bedouin music.

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The Fjord in Taba & Ras Shitan in Nuweiba

You will encounter the breathtaking Taba Fjord about 15 kilometres south of Taba when you are stopped by a burst of brilliant blue colour. Due to its stunning nature, vibrant coral reefs, and crystal clear water, this excellent beach is one of the well-liked summer destinations in Egypt by divers along the coastal path from Nuweiba to Taba. The Taba Fjord is only one example of the breathtaking natural features that surround the city of Taba, which also contains a remarkable variety of caverns, valleys, and natural springs.

Summer destinations in Egypt- the fjord
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About 30 minutes drive north of Nuweiba sits Ras Shaitan, sometimes known as the Devil’s Head because of its peculiar structure on two sides of a large rock. Divers will love staying at the Bedouin camp on this beach, which promotes eco-friendly housing in Egypt. With its underwater canyons and caverns, it is the ideal place for more advanced divers.

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Marsa Alam

Located in the Red Sea, 280 kilometres from Hurghada, Marsa Alam is a fantastic location for swimming with dolphins. Typically, tours leave from the marina and travel to Dolphin House, a reef where numerous spinner dolphins live and play with the snorkelers.

Summer destinations in Egypt-marsa alam
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Marsa Alam is known as “the Maldives of Egypt” due to its stunning beaches and clear waters. You can also go to Sharm el Lulli Beach, which is a lovely beach inside the Wadi El Gemal Reserve and features gleaming white sand and crystal-clear water. You may dive in the area, which is renowned for being a spot where you can swim with sea turtles.

About 14 kilometres down the coastline route, Marsa Nayzak, a natural wonder, is located. The shape of this natural beach, which is reminiscent of a contemporary swimming pool, was created when a meteor struck and left behind this breathtaking display of nature.

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El Gouna

Life in El Gouna is centred on tranquillity, harmony, development, and refinement. Whether someone wants to live a life of calmness, adventure, luxury, or a special combination of all three, the town offers an excellent setting for them to do so, delivering the finest that life has to offer while being surrounded by the splendour of the natural world.

El Gouna is a place to enjoy rest and recreation, as well as upscale restaurants, vibrant nightlife, and high-profile local and international events. It is blessed with year-round sunshine and breathtaking views of mountains, sky, and sea. Clean beaches and top-notch marinas are important components of El Gouna’s continuing appeal.

Visitors come from all over the world because of the pleasant climate, great location on the Red Sea shore, and the extensive selection of water activities, ranging from kitesurfing, and wakeboarding, to kayaking, snorkelling, and diving. El Gouna is not only a summer destination in Egypt but a residential destination as well to many Egyptians and foreigners.

Summer destinations in Egypt-el gouna
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North Coast

One of the most famous summer destinations in Egypt is the North Coast. It extends from Alexandria to Marsa Matrouh, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. It’s built in the form of smaller compounds and resort communities that are frequently populated during the summer by locals and visitors seeking refuge from the summer heat and enjoying their time on the lovely beaches.

In addition to relaxing on the captivating beaches, visitors can engage in a variety of activities, such as parasailing, water skiing, and waterboarding. Marassi, Hacienda Bay, New Alamein, Ghazala Bay, and a host of other locations are some of the most well-known summer vacation spots on the North Coast.

You may completely refresh your batteries for the rest of the day by taking in the fascinating and extraordinary experience of watching the sunset along the north shore. The north coast is home to both the beauty of nature and the centre of the party, with pure soft air caressing your face and an endless sea just in front of your eyes. 

Summer destinations in Egypt-north coast
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With so many cities and resorts facing the Mediterranean and the Red Sea, there is a tonne to see and do in Egypt’s various summer locations. If you decide to travel to Egypt in the summer, you will have a lot of alternatives.

Egypt provides what you’re searching for, whether you want a tranquil seaside getaway or a thrilling water experience. However, if you cannot make it all the way to Egypt, try to at least visit any of these hot luxury destinations that are trending this summer.

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