The Multi-Storey Adult Playground of The House of Koko
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The Multi-Storey Adult Playground of The House of Koko

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House of Koko: The private members club bringing back the music scene in Camden and making the area cool again.

Nestled in the heart of Camden, an area synonymous with music, rebellion, and flamboyant nightlife, The House of Koko is a (relatively new) beacon of adult indulgence. An institution reborn from the embers of the iconic Koko theatre, The House of Koko is a venue that has seen the likes of Charlie Chaplin grace its stage, and is now transformed into a multi-storey playground designed for the pleasure of its discerning members.

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A Resurrection Story

The story of The House of Koko begins with its phoenix-like rise from the ashes. Following a £70 million restoration of the theatre that both preserved its storied past and catapulted it into the future, the venue now boasts an unparalleled members’ club experience. One that costs 695GBP a year – a bargain compared to other London clubs.

A Labyrinth of Luxury

Spanning four levels, each nook and cranny of The House of Koko tells a different story drenched in mi-century modern decor. From the speakeasy vibes of the basement, where cocktails are crafted with a magician’s flair, to the opulent rooftop terrace, offering panoramic views of London’s skyline – the facilities are undoubtedly impressive. Members might start their evening in a library lined with leather-bound classics before finding themselves in a 1970s-inspired private dining room, only to end the night in a recording studio laying down tracks or simply reveling in the music of a live DJ set.

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Curated Cultural Experiences

What sets The House of Koko apart is not just its physical spaces but the curated experiences it offers, all of which dance around music, listening to it, or creating it. A private art collection, featuring works by luminaries such as Bob Dylan and Yoko Ono, adorns the walls, creating a gallery-esque atmosphere that stimulates both conversation and contemplation. The club’s programming is equally eclectic, with secret shows, intimate gigs, and cultural events that cater to the tastes and curiosities of its members.

The design of The House of Koko is intimate. It respects the building’s historical significance while injecting contemporary flair into every corner in shades of browns, beiges, deep greens and warm tones. From tiger-patterned sofas that beckon with their boldness to crystal chandeliers that cast a soft glow over private conversations, the attention to detail is meticulous. It’s a space that encourages you to be your most extravagant self, whether that means lounging in velvet-clad alcoves or dining under the stars.

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A Community of Creatives

Membership to The House of Koko is akin to joining a tribe of like-minded souls – a lifestyle pitch we are all familiar with at this point. But whilst Soho House appeals to a certain demographic, House of Koko is a haven for artists, musicians, and anyone with a creative musical spark.

As the night fades and the dawn begins to break over Camden, The House of Koko stands as the area’s most affluent hangout, stealing crowds from the likes of Mayfair and Marylebone. Maybe, just maybe, House of Koko will bring Camden back to its old glory days.

We can’t wait to see.

Image courtesy of TheHouseofKoko

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