Here’s The World’s Most Expensive Male Underwear
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Here’s The World’s Most Expensive Male Underwear

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The world’s most expensive underwear has you at a crossroads; would you rather pay your rent or buy new underwear?

Everyone has worn an uncomfortable pair of underwear before. It’s a great way of ruining a perfectly pleasant sunny day; some scratchy boxer shorts which fit too tightly in all the wrong places or briefs that feel rugged against the skin.

On the other hand, if your underwear fits well and comfortably, you’ll not even realise it is there, and so it makes sense that there are countless Reddit threads of men, desperately looking for the comfiest pair of underwear out there. But what if we told you that the answer to that question is the world’s most expensive underwear, costing around a whopping $1,000 in price?

Expensive Underwear
Image courtesy of Luxury Launches

Lounge and underwear brand Nice Laundry has launched a pair of boxers made entirely out of cashmere, one of the most expensive fabrics in the whole world and undoubtedly the kind of material you want your undergarments to made out of. But it is not just the cashmere that makes it, the boxers are also embroidered in 24-karat golden thread. So is it really worth it, spending your months rent (or more!) on a pair of underwear?

Expensive pairs of underwear have actually populated the market for quite some time now. Granted, they may not be costing your month’s rent or the price of a used MacBook, but some high-end brands have developed high tech undergarments which sell for considerable price points.

Versace, for example, has always ruled the boxer/brief world with their designs, lately becoming more simplistic and less baroque in their patters. Some of the trunks are about $80 but the silk version of them goes up to $594. Steep.

If talking about branded underwear we should also mention Balenciaga’s who’s most expensive boxer briefs are priced at around $200 and boxer shorts for $230. Dior also has a set of boxers which cost about $780.

Expensive Underwear
Image courtesy of Dior

So, does this mean you should start saving up to buy yourself a nice pair of underwear? The answer, quite simply, is that it depends. If you’re the kind of person that revels at owning one of the most exclusive pairs of garments in the world, then there’s certainly a little something special about sporting a cashmere brief. If not, you’re more than welcome to keep on rocking your black and white Calvin Klein’s. From the female population to you guys; they suit you.

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