The Best Golfing Resorts According To The Type of Travel You’re After
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The Best Golfing Resorts According To The Type of Travel You’re After

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From billionaires to birdies: Discover the world’s best golfing resorts where the rich swing clubs and lucrative deals are part of the course.

What do Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, and Yahoo CEO Jerry Yang have in common, besides being wildly successful in business? Sure, things like a good mindset, an impressive team, and a hefty stack of money in their bank account are some. A more unexpected fact (or not so much, if you come to think about it) is that they all play golf.

The Sport of The Rich

Golf has been the unequivocal sport of the rich since its beginnings. It is part of the category of what is known as a “lifestyle sport”, a physical activity that often expands beyond its sporting confinements and takes on board an entire way of living. And with golf, in particular, the lifestyle is quite expensive.

As a result of its appeal to a particular demographic, golf courses have become renowned venues for striking lucrative business deals. There’s something about the serene surroundings, the strategic gameplay, and the camaraderie forged on the fairways that make golf the ideal backdrop for high-stakes negotiations. Amidst the rolling greens and the challenge of sinking putts, business discussions take on a unique dynamic, allowing for relaxed and informal conversations that can often lead to fruitful outcomes.

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Whether for business or for leisure, we’ve compiled a list of the world’s most extraordinary golfing resorts.

Adare Manor – For Those After The Old Money Allure

Ireland’s downpour may not be useful for much, but it is a sure way of ensuring splendidly green fields. In the middle of one of them is Adare Manor, an old Victorian Gothic Estate, which brings golf to Limerick’s most regal realm.

Adare Manor, having recently undergone a remarkable $70 million renovation, retains its original historic charm, exuding an aura of old-money allure. The combination of its well-preserved historic features, along with amenities such as a padel court and impressive golfing grounds, positions it as one of the world’s most sought-after golfing resorts.

Constance Belle Mare Plage – For Those After Tropical Golfing

Image courtesy of Constance Belle Mare Plage

Who said golfing and the beach were mutually exclusive?

Plan your next beach and golf vacation at Constance Belle Mare Plage, a Mauritius favorite for the indecisive. With its 18-hold championship golf course, four different restaurants, and world-class diving opportunities, it is the ideal location for an activity-packed holiday.

Terre Blanche – For the lovers of the picturesque

Image courtesy of Terre Blanche

France may be known for its baguettes, butter, and cheeses, and whilst its golf resorts may not make it to the top of that list, Terre Blanche certainly should.

Described as an ‘oasis’ in Provence, Terre Blanche hosts two different golf courses,  “Le Château” and “Le Riou”, as well as impressive training grounds. It also comes equipped with a golf school, ideal to teach those less proficient in the sport how to score a par.

Kinloch Manor & Villas – For those looking to be by the lake

Lakes + golf could only be in Scotland… or so you thought. Kinloch Manor & Villas in New Zealand offers precisely that.

Set around 20 minutes from Taupo, this remote golfer’s paradise stretches across New Zealand’s unparalleled natural beauty. Golfer or not, the luxury resort brings all its guests together for its now iconic sunsets, setting down accross the lake’s shimmering waters.

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