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Luxury Travel | Top 5 Influencers You Need To Follow In 2021

Travelling isn’t just about the sightseeing. It’s an opportunity to immerse yourself in new cultures, try new foods, and even learn a little of the local lingo whilst rubbing shoulders with the locals – a luxury travel opportunity we all need right now.

Or, as we should say in the current climate, waving from a two-metre distance. And, of course, it’s your chance to be treated like royalty from start to finish and waited on hand and foot – which is the perfect way to relax and unwind after a stressful year, and something we’re no doubt all yearning for.

The travel industry has witnessed an unprecedented collapse in the past year due to COVID-19. Some industry sectors are expected to rebound quicker than others but uncertainties and risks remain high. The ‘staycation’ is making a comeback as heads of state are slowly lifting lockdown restrictions, allowing families to form bigger social bubbles once more.

With inside locations restricted, there is no question that sustainable nature-based travel will become ever more popular than before. Camping, trekking, swimming and outdoor adventure lifestyles will be more valued as a safe, seamless and authentic experience. 


With our world having such a strong connection with technology, our relationship with the online world will slowly sail our travel industry into recovery. However, as our restrictions begin to peel away, giving us a taste of adventure, its safe to say that we can start thinking about planning for those luxury getaway escapes.

So, if ever there was a time when scrolling your Instagram feed was considered a worthwhile use of your time, it’s now, and with a sea of high-profile influencers showcasing some of the finest luxury resorts and destinations in the world, browsing their feeds can give you some far better ideas for your dream trip than a standard high-end holiday brochure.

Here are five of the best travel influencers to take a look at for some awe-inspiring travel inspiration:

  • Murad Osmann – @muradosmann
  • Travel

    The Russian photographer, Murad, who is based in Moscow, is one of the top 3 travel influencers on Instagram with a whopping 3.6million followers.  His photography consists of iconic tourist hotspots with a mixture of anything that captures our attention.

    His #followmeto campaign with his wife Natalia went viral in 2012 as they travelled the world together while taking photos in their now-signature pose – Natalia holding Osmann’s hand while her back is turned towards the scenery. 

  • Gypsea Lust – @Gypsea_Lust
  • Travel

    Lauren Bullen is a high-end traveller, lifestyle, and fashion influencer who is based out of Bali but was born in Australia. With an Instagram following of 1.9million, it’s easy to see why this 28-year-old is so popular. 

    With her creative and entertaining content, she has gained a huge number of followers on various social accounts. People enjoy watching her funny sense of nature, style and travel vlogs. 

  • Jack Morris – @doyoutravel
  • Travel

    Jack Morris is the world traveller and professional photographer behind ‘do you travel’, his travel-focused Instagram account with over 2.5 million followers. He has launched multiple businesses over his career, including the photography editing tool DYT Presets.

    Morris is one of the top travel influencers from Australia. He is infamous for his adventurous type of travel photography with a bohemian twist. He is one of the most coveted influencers yet.

  • Jennifer Tuffen – @IZKIZ
  • Jennifer Tuffen is one of the British top travel influencers. She is well known for her colourful and dreamy portrayal of some of the most coveted travel destinations. 

    Her Instagram account with a following of 2.8 million followers is that of a storybook – showcasing the most coveted hotels, food, landscapes, and more.

  • Chris Burkard – @Chrisburkard
  • Chris Burkard is known for his signature stunning landscape photos taken from above. He may feature himself occasionally but his content is not aimed at delivering blog content. His images aim to depict aerial views as art as well as include an occasional animal or human subjects. 

    He is a professional photographer, author, speaker, and one of the most followed travel influencers with 3.6 million followers. Chris is based in the California Central Coast region.

    Without further ado, let’s get inspired!

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