Stepping Into Sifnos: The Ultimate Greek Getaway For An Intimate Escape
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Stepping Into Sifnos: The Ultimate Greek Getaway For An Intimate Escape

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Sifnos, a small yet, blissful island in Greece, is the perfect destination for a life in the sun. So let’s dive into where you must stay, eat and party this summer before the leaves begin to fall.

Greece is more than balmy evenings, blue beaches, and domed churches. Although the name may not ring a bell for the average travel lover, there is a place you can go that will brush away all the tourist-heavy traffic. Fringed by sandy white-washed houses on the Cyclades island – Sifnos has become a destination for more than simply sun and sand; it’s all about what you put in your mouth.

And we are talking about the best culinary scene, of course.

This once-ravenous island packed with gold and silver mines has enjoyed a cultural rebirth thanks to some iconic Omega three gastronomy explosions and its sizzling revithada or chickpea stew. The size may underpin it, but it simply rectifies Sifnos’ cosy-living reputation.

From the sharply-dressed weekending Athenians, chic French families, or posh British couples, this private location is a favourite destination for celebrities who can either stay in expensive villas up in the hills or drop anchor on their yachts. The magic surrounding the enclave continues to impress with its intimate escapism fit for a King.

So, take a trip to Sifnos, Greece’s best-kept secret, because it sure won’t disappoint.

Opulent Blue-Facing Hotels That Are Built To Serve

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If you’ve come to Greece to live it large, booking a hotel where celebrities and A-listers would be proud to stay is vital. And, to send a message that you have arrived and mean business, look no further than the Niriedes Hotel.

This hotel is an excellent choice for those who don’t wish to compromise on urban class. Follow your heart to a charming four-star hotel 100 meters above Platy Gialos, the most cosmopolitan beach in the region.

Built amphitheatrically on the step rocks over the sea and upgraded to include traditional Cycladic architecture respectfully, the white-walled VIP suites are known to embrace a unique character.

Overlooking the air of the Aegean sea, the hotel has an outdoor pool, a hydromassage area, a gym, a spa and a full-service bar that produces a serene sanctuary of familiarity.

Smack Your Lips On Some Of These Greco-Iberian Classics 

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After a shower and nap, set off to indulge at one of Sifnos’ best restaurants. Go to the island in September. You will catch the annual Cycladic Gastronomy Festival, named after its native Nikolaos Tselementes, a renowned chef in Greece forever synonymous with the Greek cookbook.

As a gentleman, you’ll want fresh, light, delicious dishes for your evening meal. Especially when it comes to the new scorching rays, for the ultimate dining experience, check out NUS, one of the top-rated restaurants in town.

While the décor is desirable, the main attraction is the four-star restaurant’s famous land and sea menu that serves traditional dishes like chickpea soup made in ceramic bowls, mastelo (lamb baked on vine branches) and salad with capers. 

But being by the sea, this could be followed by a seafood hors d’oeuvre. Their fine cuisines are locally sourced and grown on 20 acres of woodlands. And later, you can wrap up an eventful day with Sifnos’ rich nightlife.

Check Out The Upcoming Nightlife Scene In Sifnos

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This is where things can go in a few different directions. Are you looking to explore Sifnos’ craft cocktail scene? There are plenty of boozy speakeasy spots to choose from. Of course, there’s a good chance you’re down to go all-in on this night.

Sifnos has developed an upcoming vibrant nightlife, both in the mountainous and the seaside villages. Staying open till the early hours, bars like Argo bar and Cosi Sifnos offer a prime hotspot for anyone looking for a relaxing summer ambience.

And that’s where our ultimate guide comes in handy. So if you want to get lit and aim to embrace the club scene, there is only one place to go–the rooftop nightlife in Apollonia.

Hollywood stars visit Greece regularly and repeatedly fall in love with it, often purchasing their little slice of heaven. Celebrities like Kylie Minogue, Tom Hanks, Catherine Deneuve, Julia Roberts and Rowan Atkinson have been spotted, and who could blame them?

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