Five Lesser-Known Greek Islands To Explore In 2022
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Five Lesser-Known Greek Islands To Explore In 2022

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GREEK islands – famous for their gorgeous sunshine, whitewashed buildings, incredible Mediterranean food, and important historical sites. Oh, and partying. Islands like Corfu, Kos, and Mykonos have big nightlife scenes and might not be the best island to pick if you’re looking for a slice of sun-kissed tranquillity this year.

With the help of villa company The Greek Villas, we’ve compiled a list of five Greek islands and suggested a few places to stay for a bespoke, idyllic Greek holiday that’s a little more off the beaten track.


This island is a little tricky to get to, but Amorgos’ deep blue seas and wide-open spaces are worth the extra effort if you want away from the hustle and bustle. With a population of under 2,000 people, the picturesque craggy landscape provides the perfect backdrop for a secluded Greek island experience.   

The Greek Villas said: Amorgos has remained unspoilt by mass tourism thanks to not having an airport on the island and it taking roughly 7 hours to reach by ferry from Pireaus. As such, visitors will discover small, quaint bars and family-owned restaurants. The pace of life on Amorgos is blissfully slow and allows travellers to forget the worries of everyday life.

Where to stay: Aegialis Hotel & Spa | Villa Chelsea

Amorgos, Greece – Credit: Maria Kourtesi


Tinos is just a 15-minute boat trip away from Mykonos and has more than 50 villages for travellers to explore. Despite its proximity to the famous party island, Tinos has managed to remain largely unspoilt and isn’t overrun by tourists. In Volax, cottages are carved out from giant boulders, while Pyrgos is best-known for its charming al-fresco cafes and marble sculptures that decorate every doorway.

The Greek Villas said: Tinos has remained relatively unknown, despite its stunning coastline, verdant hills and quaint villages overlooking the Aegean Sea and neighbouring islands.

Where to stay: Dines & Rinies Luxury Villas | Villa Marin

Tinos, Greece – Credit: Jack Krier


The go-to Greek island for foodies, Sifnos has a booming culinary scene best-known for its chickpea croquettes and stewed capers. The smell of sizzling calamari wafts throughout the port of Kamares, with Agia Marina and Isalos beaches providing the perfect spots for a cool down in the iridescent turquoise water.

The Greek Villas said: The scenery on Sifnos is mesmerising, with whitewashed villages, spectacular waters and rolling mountains. Sifnos attracts the foodies with its rich cuisine and local produce.

Where to stay: Delfini Apartments | Villa Dali

Octopus drying in by the marina – Credit: Despina Galani


Beach, beach, and more beach. Perhaps the busiest island on this list, Skiathos has a habit of bringing people back to its powdery white sand and laid-back atmosphere. The island comes to life at dusk, with most of the action around Papadiamantis Street.

The Greek Villas said: Skiathos is a destination that first-time visitors fall in love with and return to time and again. The seaside town provides a vibrant nightlife with several fantastic restaurants and bars lining the bustling marina.

Where to stay: Elivi Skiathos | Villa Earth

Elias beach on Skiathos – Credit: dimitrisvetsikas1969


Andros is a great option for travellers who want an island experience that isn’t too far from Athens. The landscape on Andros is superior to most other islands in the Cyclades archipelago, while the streets of Chora Andros town are lined with cafes, pastry shops and restaurants selling delicious local produce.

The Greek Villas said: Andros has a lush landscape with mountains, ravines, vines and hot springs, and welcomes travellers to get lost within the endless waterfalls and caves. Unlike many Greek destinations, Andros is a wonderful place to visit in the spring and autumn, as well as summer.

Where to stay: Micra Anglia Boutique Hotel & Spa | Villa Breeze

Andros, Greece – Credit: Despina Galani

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