Spread Your Seed This Earth Day With Artists Gilbert & George  
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Spread Your Seed This Earth Day With Artists Gilbert & George  

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A new sprouted gallery, Sapling is thrilled to present limited edition wildflower seed packets produced in partnership with contemporary artist Sam Harris. Designed by influential figures Gilbert & George, the product seeks to spread new British wildlife the right way.

The living space ship that flies around 1000 mph is what we call Earth – our home. You are indigenous to earth because it is foundational and unifies us no matter who you are. It is so magnificently abundant and beautiful in our existence that we often take it for granted. However, we have learned during the pandemic and thereafter that our separation from nature and the ‘outside’ world is more pronounced than ever. As we wrapped ourselves away from the world, the nature around us flourished, breathing a sigh of relief from humanity’s persistent extraction.

Spread Your Seed
Courtesy of Sapling

Today our engine of modern civilisation has nearly turned off, but with a fighting chance to save our earth from possible impending doom, more and more people, organisations and leaders are taking a stand to transform our lifestyle into a more eco-friendly one. Two such beings making a difference this Earth Day are none other than contemporary artists Gilbert Proesch and George Passmore, commonly known as the duo George and Gilbert.

They are known for their distinctive and highly formal appearance, the manner in performance art, and brightly coloured graphic-style photo-based artworks. They started making art together in 1967 after meeting at St Martins School of Art; the artists have been with each other for over 50 years.

Spread Your Seed
Spread Your Seed

This year for Earth Day, the duo have teamed up with Sapling, a new gallery that celebrates nature through art, founded by Charlotte Call in June 2021. George and Gilbert designed a luminous leafed seed sachet. At first glance, the green bears veined leaves of nature over the contemporary artist’s faces, like a suit of armour but underneath their slogan of ‘Spread Your Seed’ lies a more serious call for us to take responsibility for our surroundings. Entitled ‘Greenly’, the artists aimed to form a symbol of fertility and a countercultural icon that speaks to today’s ecological crisis.

Spread Your Seed
Courtesy of Sapling

Produced with conceptual artist Sam Harris the 12 x 9 cm seed sachets pay tribute to the great British aroma and spring-time gems. Each limited edition packets contain British wildflower seeds: Cornflower, Corn, Marigold, Corn Chamomile & Poppy. The product is made from 100% recyclable and biodegradable materials for a mere £10 each.

“In the spirit of guerilla gardening, scatter your seeds for the love of nature, beauty, and quite simply a good time,” says Sapling. 

Protecting our planet starts with you. By planting the seeds of nature, you’ve taken a step, an action, that helps our only planet  – the world we depend on and cling to – breathe a little easier. It may be a simple act. But given half a chance, that seed will grow and mean more as your life continues.

Spread Your Seed Will Be Launching on Friday 6 May, With Artists Signing From 5-6 pm at Sapling In London. Online Pre-Orders Will Open From Friday, 22 April 2022, at 5 pm.

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