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If two months ago we had told you that you could virtually travel, visit the world’s most important museums (link Italy), tour the world’s most beautiful gardens, take in sonnets, concerts, operas, theatre, films (ddw film club, Alistair), ballets, all for free…and from the comfort of your home, you would have likely dismissed us as ingenuous. Well, if one thing is for certain we live in incredulous times. Thanks to these uncertain and difficult times the world has pooled together to open up paywalls and offer a plethora of amazing things to explore online.

DDW is here to help you navigate the vastness of the internet and distill the very best of what’s on offer:


The Louvre is amongst the amazing museums and galleries you can visit virtually


Beloved actor Sir Patrick Stewart is reciting one Shakespeare sonnet every day on his Instagram


We may not be able to venture outside, but these beautiful virtual tours of the world’s best gardens will satisfy your wanderlust and your green thumb all in one go


James Corden is among the many talented actors taking center stage at London’s National Theatre. Join for a free full-length stream of a play every Thursday. Do you prefer Bard? No problem -Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre is also streaming its world-famous repertoire.

Musical Theatre

Watch 42nd Street and other mood-boosting musicals entirely free. We cannot think of a better way to spend an isolated evening!

Concerts & Operas

Free concerts from Chris Martin, John Legend, Usher, P!nk and more streamed from their homes to yours. If the classics are more your thing, check out this incredible list of current and upcoming streams.

And for fun…
Check out this ‘Socially Distancing Orchestra


Free Indie and Hollywood productions are available from the BFI, Omeleto and from this exhaustive list here.


Travel the world and see the sites with these virtual trips, see the sights or indulge your inner climber here.


With 1.4 million books available for free for you to read, you’ll never have another excuse to sit down with a good book.
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