Roger Federer Served Up A Major Flex On His Strong Hand
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Roger Federer Served Up A Major Flex On His Strong Hand

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One of the most popular watches in the Rolex catalogue, covered in sparkly orange sapphires, was seen on Roger Federer’s wrist – the Daytona.

People say that getting your hands on a Cosmograph Daytona Rolex might be worth the wait, especially if you order one from brand-spanking new. But just a head up, the waiting list for this luxury investment will take longer than a full game of tennis – a long waiting game. 

But despite its price tag of $250 000 – it flies off shelves at sometimes a fighting pace. But if you are a lucky individual or perhaps an ambassador of such fine delights, it’s no sweat for A-list tennis sensations like Roger Federer.

Photographs: Rolex Cosmograph Daytona, Courtesy of Rolex/Denis Hayoun; Collage: Gabe Conte.

Most people know about Roger Federer’s career and his multitude of achievements and to think the man is only 40 years old after accomplishing so much is an astonishing fact in itself. But when he joined hands with Rolex back in 2006 for a whopping $15 million contract – best believe the Swiss-born phenomenon flexed as many rarities as he could.

The Daytona watch can be completely rearranged and switched up. With multiple straps and colours to go for, the design can show off a persona to a tee. At Wimbledon, Federer was spotted wearing a black strapped, 18-carat golden base Daytona which was encrusted with 32 orange cut sapphires.

Roger Federer
The Cosmograph Daytona with a gold strap. Courtesy of Rolex.

But according to GQ, this “exact design had been silently released as a way to handout pieces for only the most capital-V of VIP clients”. 

This version is a blend of high technology that pays tribute to the legendary chronograph – a stopwatch measuring the speed of time, a perfect reflection of who Roger Federer is. In the end, there are pilot watches, dive watches, field watches, and dress watches.

But the world’s most expensive watches are always in a class of their own due to the magnitude of demand – an investment worth waiting for.

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