How Design Technology Is Evolving The Luxury Yacht Experience
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How Design Technology Is Evolving The Luxury Yacht Experience

January 22, 2022 Share

Despite today’s smartphones and gadgets, yachts have struggled to keep up with tech developments onshore. But that’s changing – and fast.

Welcome aboard! It is time to sail the seven seas with some of the world’s most expensive yachts. A luxury yacht you need to see to believe. 

These exquisite vessels are the epitome of luxury, wealth and status, each yacht having been skillfully designed and decorated for the owners’ specific requirements and tastes.

They decked out the yachts in gold, stone and marble, each surpassing the next in its splendour, grandeur and the course price tag.

But there is something brewing in the luxury yacht experience that makes clients turn heads – its technology.

Luxury yacht
Photo by Suneesh Sudhakaran/Expo 2020 Dubai.

Today the luxury market strives to offer its clients ever-higher levels of exclusivity and customisation. 

A new experience is making its way onto and into the design of the yachting world. By implementing a very immersive digital experience onboard, clients can showcase some of the best online worlds like never before.

Luxury yacht
Bill Dixon’s New Dawn Super Yacht. Photo by Yachting World.

These include a world full of cutting-edge innovative designs.

And yes, this could even include a gallery of NFT (non-fungible tokens) art or multimedia designs spread across the ceiling of a room.

Projects that become designed to transform intimate spaces into seamless interactive worlds.

Luxury yacht
Create a mood. Photo by Eminetra.

It can impact interior design, hospitality, entertainment, art exhibitions and displays. 

So what are examples of these extraordinary luxury yacht experiences?

Well, is it raining? Change the window view to a sunny seascape. Bored of your art hanging on the wall? Change it to an NFT moving art piece. Digital design technology creates endless opportunities.

VBH, a leading Netherlands company that integrates luxury technology onboard, focuses on setting the mood and helping to create ever more extravagant examples of interactive bars, walls and hallways that can transform a superyacht space using screen content. 

Instead of showing movies or television shows, we can use them as integrative backgrounds, adding extra depth and meaning to a boat’s space.

And get this. A company called Videoworks has developed the Emotional Room. This system utilises an algorithm on a neural network to assess the mood of the people in a space and adapt the lighting and music accordingly. 

Luxury yacht
Scout, Newport, USA. Image from Elementz.

According to Boat International, “cameras in the room will scan guests’ faces to determine their emotions by mapping points of interest on their faces, such as the eyes, lips and cheekbones.”

Without asking, the new technology will determine the mood set for onboard audio and visual technology.

Emotional Rooms will start appearing on yachts from late spring this year.

But that’s not all. The immersive room experience changes the luxury yacht world by giving it a ride into the metaverse. 

You have got to see this:

Digital art will play an increasingly significant role in superyacht projects soon. 

Like everything else in the superyacht world, the expected minimum standard is excellence. 

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