Ready for a Messy Weekend?
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Ready for a Messy Weekend?

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Messy Weekend is the Scandi eyewear brand all the skateboarders, ravers and snowboard adrenaline junkies are wearing.

Everybody looks cool with a nice pair of sunglasses. Cue in the skaters, snowboarders and ravers and sunglasses become a whole different level of hip. Embracing a love for countercultures and a life on the edge, Messy Weekend is the Scandi brand merging nordic design with a keen eye for aesthetics.

Messy Weekend is very clearly ran by young people. You can tell, from the products they are producing to the campaigns they are launching, that this is the type of brand who’s CEO probably wears flip-flops to the office, which is a sign as good as any that this brand is one to look out for. It also is intrinsically linked to how hip their products are.

MW Sunglasses. Image courtesy of Messy Weekend
MW Sunglasses. Image courtesy of Messy Weekend

For example, take their Grace Bio Green sunglasses — a pair of biodegradable and fully compostable sunnies which could be the star of the show for a day raving at some underground techno festival. Or the Downey pair, fit for a day skateboarding on concrete.

MW Sunglasses. Image courtesy of Messy Weekend
MW Sunglasses. Image courtesy of Messy Weekend

As any brand thriving on countercultures, Messy Weekend also offers products which are perhaps a little more out-there in terms of fashion. MW Speed, looking like something out of a snowboarder commercial, is possibly their wildest design, combining a love for futurism in sunglasses that feel paradoxically retro.

But the ultimate selling point of MW is that they also provide snowboarding eyewear, a real market niche in which well-designed gear is often sidetracked by performance. In turn, this brand offers both. With easy lens swapping (great for different weather conditions), the Achton XE2 are cylindrical goggle with mirror lenses designed with Scandi minimalism for the piste.

MW Sunglasses. Image courtesy of MW
MW Sunglasses. Image courtesy of MW

But once the party’s over, you’re still going to want to reach out for your MW sunglasses — although this time you might be looking at one of their blue-light pieces. Ideal for some hungover scrolling, a pair of blue light glasses filter the amount of harmful light our devices emit, helping with headaches and fatigue so you’re ready to rock as soon as you close your laptop. At DDW, we’re particularly fond of their Lennon Blue Light, which looks great with that laid-back intellectual aesthetic.

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