New York’s Latest Restaurant Openings
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New York’s Latest Restaurant Openings

January 13, 2023 Share

5 mouthwatering places to savour New York’s newest thrilling restaurant openings.

Listen, food in New York is great. You’ve got pretty much any cuisine type you can ever dream of, an extensive price range to chose from and all kinds of interior decor to immerse yourself in. There’s so much variety, in fact, that choosing becomes just as hard as having no options at all. That’s when the New York’s new restaurant openings come in.

Here’s some of DDW’s favourite openings of the 2022/23 winter season.

Fifty Three

53 West 53rd Street, New York, NY 10019

Image courtesy of 53
Image courtesy of 53

53 is the embodiment of your favourite finance-bro-turned-art-enthusiast (and we say this in the best possible way). Serving what they so-call contemporary asian cuisine amidst a curvy ceiling and art-nouveaux chairs, this could easily become a new New Yorker favourite.


10 Lincoln Center Plaza, NY 10023

Image courtesy of Tatiana

If New York was a restaurant, it’d be Tatiana. Reflecting the intersection of cultures, dishes, aromas, spices and tastes of The Big Apple, this restaurant is named after it’s Chef, Kwame Onwuachi’s sister. Serving as a tribute to the neighbourhoods of the chef’s youth, Tatiana’s menu goes all the way from scallop pinchos to short rib pastrami suya.


90 East 10th Street, New York City, New York 10003

Image courtesy of Claude
Image courtesy of Claude

Claude oozes a certain je-ne-sais-quoi, and it could very well have something to do with French/Eastern European influence. Minimal but playful in its decor, it gives effortlessly chic in a way very few restaurants successfully execute. As per the food? Escargots, mushroom mille-feuille and halibut are on the menu.


Midtown Manhattan on 157 East 53rd Street

This one hasn’t opened yet, and won’t do until Feburary/March, which is why we’re left picture-less for the time being. Led by Alex Stupak, a “a scholar of the avant-garde and molecular gastronomy movements”, Mischa will be a twist on American cusine – one which we’re very excited about. Captioned with “Is A Hot Dog A Sandwich? We’ll Get Back To You.”, their Instagram has left us curious about what is yet to come.


209 E 49th St

Image courtesy of Tán
Image courtesy of Tán

No, you’re not in Tulum, this is New York, but Tán may very well make you think otherwise. Exotic plants, linen and wooden chairs aside, the restaurant’s menu attests to the Chefs’ (Richard Sandoval and Jonatán Gómez Luna Torres) vibrant energies.

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