Caviar: The 5 Things You Must Know
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Caviar: The 5 Things You Must Know

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1. No Metal Cutlery

Eating caviar with silver cutlery is strictly forbidden since the metal alters the flavour. Instead, use pearl spoons, which won’t affect the taste. Plus, they are considerably more stylish don’t you think? When it comes to serving, get yourself some pearl dishes too.

2. Do Not Freeze

Do not freeze your caviar, regardless of how much you have left over from a party. When caviar is frozen, it becomes mushy and disgusting. When refrigerated, an unopened tin of fresh caviar can last up to six weeks. After you’ve opened the tin, you only have around 5 days to finish it. Serve a dollop on your eggs the next morning, a few spoonfuls as snacks during the day, and the remainder on a baked potato for dinner!


3. It Can Be Very Expensive

Almas, which means “diamond” in Russian, is the highest quality of caviars. These tiny pearls are derived from rare Iranian Albino Beluga sturgeons and come in a 24 karat gold box. And it will cost you a staggering $34,500 per kilo, to be exact!

4. You Need A Good Drink With It

A nice dry white wine, a light rosé, or, if you’re really feeling festive, champagne are the ideal beverages to combine with caviar. Please, no reds; the rich flavour is just way too overpowering.

5. Use Your Hands

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While it may seem a little contrary given its opulence, the best and most proper method to consume caviar is straight from your hand. 

Next time you’re at a sophisticated soirée, make a fist, put a dab of caviar between your thumb and pointer finger, and toss it back.

Makes a little more fun too. 


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