New Music Monday – July 25th
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New Music Monday – July 25th

July 25, 2022 Share

DDW’s compilation of some of the best new music out this July.

DDW is back with yet another stacked week filled with some incredible new music releases. This week features the return of indie triumph Jamie T, British lovechild Sam Fender, Oscar alt-pop queen Billie Eilish and America’s most wanted, Megan Thee Stallion. 

Jamie T- The Theory Of Whatever 

Six years after the release of Trick. Wimbledon-based indie-darling Jamie T is finally back with what may very well be the artist’s greatest and most triumphant piece of music to date. The Theory of Whatever.

Jamie T- The Theory Of Whatever -new Music
Image courtesy of Clash Magazine

Bursting onto the scene at just 19 years of age, Jamie T’s music has matured and progressed massively since his debut release Panic Prevention. The themes, however, have always, mostly stayed the same. Brutally honest and open, Jamie has always been incredibly outspoken about his struggles and ongoing battle with anxiety, depression and panic attacks.

Something many would call ironic. An iconic and prolific indie icon, famous in all facets of music, who never really wanted fame. Just to make music that people could relate to and be inspired by. Even after six years away from the limelight, Jamie T’s connection to his fanbase and community has grown stronger.

Through his humbleness and open introversion, Jamie T has effortlessly become the indie lovechild of many generations. Some call him a one-man Arctic Monkey, but that comparison doesn’t do the man justice. Jamie T is what Johnny Cash would be, had Cash grown up in the working class outskirts of London in the 90s. 

Image courtesy of The Telegraph

Back with The Theory Of Whatever, Jamie T brings fans a 14-track tour-de-force. An album that takes all the best parts of previous releases, combining them all into one. Acoustic guitar ballads, drum-track driven grit, poetic diary entries and catchy anthems. Each track is a confessional statement.

Six years in the making, while the title may seem lackluster, the album itself is impeccable. The Theory Of Whatever is Jamie T’s most optimistic yet brutally honest piece of work, with each track offering something different for everyone, but most of all, for the long-term fans. After disappearing from the limelight, Jame T has once again solidified himself as one of the best one-man indie icons in the UK and European history. 

Check out The Theory Of Whatever Below: 

Sam Fender- Alright

Following the critical acclaim of Sam Fender’s sophomore album Seventeen Going Under, the Newcastle-born singer-songwriter had proven himself to be the modern-day Bruce Springsteen. Through his poetic story-driven lyrics, masterful guitar riffs and incorporation of brass and harmonicas, Fender is THE modern-day rock’n’roll star.

Image courtesy of Dork

Currently keeping busy with a UK festival tour, Fender has been dominating the English airwaves with his optimism and humility. The sophomore album proving to be the soundtrack of summer for many. Nine months after release, each track is still going strong.

Sam is now back with more new music, his latest single Alright. With Sam’s signature guitar riffs and a more reserved vocal track, Alright is a more lo-fi end track, one which could have easily gained a spot on Seventeen Going Under, but following the blustering tour-de-force track list, the single stands stronger as a singular release. Teasing what fans can expect next from the toon star. 

Listen to Alright Below: 

Billie Eilish- Guitar Songs 

Finally finishing her blustering world tour, and having made history earlier this year at Glastonbury. Eilish has returned home and is already back in the studio with brother Finneas. Eilish announced last week that she would be working on her newest album now that the touring has drawn to a close. 

Billie Eilish- Guitar Songs -New music Monday
Image courtesy of NME

Teasing fans with a studio picture story on Instagram and Twitter, the oscar-winning singer already released new music with the two-track EP titled Guitar Songs. The EP features singles TV and The 30th. The two tracks differ greatly from the previous downtempo electro-pop release Happier Than Ever.

Taking a more alternative folk approach, Guitar Songs is a more simplistic stripped back approach, more appealing to teenage pop fans, introspective and depressive. Long-term fans can expect the same repackaged and reformed themes beneath Guitar Songs‘ change of style. 

You can Listen to Eilish’s Guitar Songs below: 

Megan Thee Stallion- Pressurelicious (feat. Future)

Hip Hop and R & B playgirl Megan Thee Stallion is back once again with her latest single Pressurelicious featuring the American rapper Future. The track is, unfortunately, far from Megan’s best work to date.

Megan Thee Stallion- Pressurelicious (feat. Future)- New Music Monday
Image courtesy of Stereogum

A track that falls a little bit flat with even Future unable to uplift the track. Rhyming Adderall with Adderall six or seven times. Unoriginal to say the least. The song’s instrumental and beat however will leave fans of tracks such as Plan B and WAP satisfied. A track that may have been better left as a filler track than a single release. 

Listen to Pressurelicious Below: 

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