New Music Monday – August 15th
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New Music Monday – August 15th

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DDW’s New Music Monday- August 15th. Compiling this week’s hottest new music releases to date.

After our last week of absence, DDW is back with yet another eagerly anticipated and equally stacked list of this week’s hottest new music releases. With Summer now at its peak in August, our list couldn’t be more fitting. With rap queen confidants Megan Thee Stallion and Nicki Minaj making an appearance alongside indie summer ballad pioneers Yeah Yeah Yeahs, who are back with yet another blustering tour-de-force single. 

Megan Thee Stallion – Traumazine 

First on our list of this week’s hottest new music releases, is the modern rap queen phenom Megan Thee Stallion, who returns to the music world with what is surprisingly only her 2nd hit album, Traumazine. Released under the label 1501 Certified Entertainment/300 Entertainment. 

Image courtesy of Stereogum

The last few years have been unarguably some of the most unpredictable for Thee Stallion. Finding herself under constant scrutiny lyrically and legally, whilst simultaneously being praised and reaching peak Hip-hop and rap status amongst the likes of modern pioneers Minaj and Cardi B.

The most notable of Thee Stallion’s controversies was that which involved ex-partner and rapper Tory Lanez. With their romance and friendship ultimately turning sour, Stallion found herself amid an attempted murder case, with the singer being shot at by Lanez and acquaintances. 

Following the stark events, Megan decided to use her platform to good effect, shedding light on the story and giving fans of both Lanez and herself an insight into their relationship and fallout. Unfortunately, due to both artists having quite an intimate and protective fanbase, many of Lanez followers refuted Megan’s version of events, labelling the singer as a liar, even going as far to claim she was purposefully trying to defame her ex.  

rap-up-list of this week’s hottest new music releases
Image courtesy of Rap-Up

Enter, Traumazine. A fitting title to say the least. Traumatised from the public onslaught that followed her open confessions, Megan admitted for a long period of time that she felt she was being made to be a villain. With Traumazine, Megan has been able to find herself yet again, confronting all scrutiny and obstacles set in her way, knocking them down with a newfound sense of empowerment. 

Starting off in a cathartic and aggressive tone, Megan’s raw bars don’t only show signs of inner vulnerability, but more so, her ability to retaliate in an original yet relatable way. Taking all the criticism, and using it as fuel to her fire. Megan The Stallion’s Traumazine is a blistering showcase of how negatively can make a person, rather than break them. As they say, pressure either breaks pipes or makes diamonds. And well, Traumazine is proof that it’s going to take more than sticks and stones or bullets to break down this modern rap queen. 

Listen to Megan Thee Stallion’s Traumazine below: 

Nicki Minaj – Super Freaky Girl 

Next on our list of this week’s hottest new music releases, is yet another rap queen pioneer, Nicki Minaj, with her latest commercial triumph ‘Super Freaky Girl’.

Featuring a sample from Rick James ‘Super Freak’ and co-produced by Dr Luke, Vaughn Oliver and Aaron Joseph, ‘Super Freaky Girl’ is officially, Minaj’s most historic and successful release, with Spotify confirming the track to be the biggest ever solo debut for a female rap song in streaming history. With the latest track reeling in over a total of three million streams on its first day. 

list of this week’s hottest new music releases-Super freaky girl
Image courtesy of ThatGrapeJuice

While die-hard fans of Minaj may be left feeling a little underwhelmed with Minaj’s sample choices and song styles in recent months, the stats speak for themselves, and well, the track has effortlessly broke new ground. Evidence that, at this stage in her career, Minaj is at a newfound peak. Whatever she releases, glitter or gold will always find commercial success. 

Listen to Nicki Minaj’s Super Freaky Girl below: 

Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Burning 

It’s only been nine years since their last release and a three-year hiatus, but finally, New York-based Indie triumphs Yeah Yeah Yeahs are back again with ‘Burning’. A track which would be rude not to include on our list of this week’s hottest new music releases. 

list of this week’s hottest new music releases-burning
Image courtesy of Stereogum

Following the June announcement of their new album ‘Cool It Down’, set for release on September 30. Yeah Yeah Yeahs have dropped their second single from the upcoming LP. Differentiating from their previous drop, ‘Spitting Off The Edge of the World’ which featured Perfume Genius. ‘Burning’, is a sun-scorched summer ballad that’ll find a place on every indie lover’s playlist. 

With their trademark distorted vocals and sacrilegious instrumentals, Yeah Yeah Yeahs are back with another lead single that’ll have fans’ heads rolling. It may have been nine years since their last entry, but ‘Burning’ will have fans feeling as though it was only yesterday. Following on from where their last album, Mosquito, left off. ‘Burning’ is a continuation of the band’s 2013 sound, elevated through its audacious attitude and slaying riffs. You can check out this entry on our list of this week’s hottest new music releases below. 

Listen to Yeah Yeah Yeahs Burning below: 

M.I.A – Popular 

Produced by Diplo and Boaz van de Beats, the Paper Planes slumdog superstar M.I.A is back with yet another societal and satirical lyrical release with her latest track ‘Popular’. Singing over the top of a traditionally upbeat Diplo dance track, and van de Beats tribal drum track and celestial brass, M.I.A’s ‘Popular’ ridicules the current age of social media and pop culture — and narcissism found at its core. 

list of this week’s hottest new music releases-Mia Popular
Image courtesy of Stereogum

After all, M.I.A is not wrong. It does seem that we live in an age scarce of any real role models and muses, these accolades have been replaced by self-loving influencers who only value their own opinions. Whilst lyrically, ‘Popular’ offers no new endeavour for M.I.A, its background beat is a more experimental and progressive approach. The two complement one another in perfect unison. 

Check out M.I.A’s Popular below: 

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