Mind-Blowing Futuristic Gadgets That Will Change The World 2022
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Mind-Blowing Futuristic Gadgets That Will Change The World 2022

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Welcome to 2022. A year of change, sanitation and a step further into the future filled with digital excellence and technological advances. Futuristic gadgets are at the top of the list

  • Glouv Lite – a portable mask washer because yes Covid is sticking around
  • Padrone Ring – wave goodbye to your computer mouse and pad
  • Catson – no more changing those litter trays

Until recently they used to make science fiction movies years from where we are now. Movies packed with futuristic gadgets and gizmos like flying cars, robots and pens that triggered explosions.

The robots we are talking about don’t exactly look like the ones from Star Wars, except if you thinking about 2019 Sophia, the female android from the Hong Kong-based company called Hanson Robotics. 

Today they are invisible talking voices like Alexa and Siri – for now. These computer-programmed species collect data, analyse it and simply keep getting more and more intelligent from it. 

Robots are already seen in places like factories and industries where they are taking over the human hand, building things, analysing financial reports and acting as virtual nurses. 

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Wired UK

Even domestically robots are seen roaming around our living room vacuuming the carpet like it’s nobodies business. 

Nowadays companies like Tesla have already introduced technologies like self-driving vehicles and more. 

From virtual reality headsets taking us into another dimension to Mark Zuckerburg giving the meaning to the community a whole new meaning through his new Meta vision. 

We all love the arrival of a new gadget, something that will make life more convenient and entertaining for ourselves, or help us out with a clever gift idea for a family or friend.

But just what are these mind-blowing technologies that are changing the world in 2022?

From a portable face mask sanitiser to a washing machine that you can take wherever you go, technology is constantly improving. 

Here are just some futuristic gadgets that are guaranteed to be your next best friend:

Futuristic Gadgets called the Glouv Lite

futuristic gadgets
SKM Rapid

Face masks have become mandatory worldwide, meaning that everything surrounding the deadly Covid-19 pandemic is not likely to disappear anytime soon. We all have thousands of face masks lying around the place and Glouv Labs, founded in 2020 by Per Roseth and Alex Jurtan as a product design company, has come up with something new.

They produced a device that would keep your masks sanitary so that you can wear them each day. The portable contraption is built around UVC light technology that supposedly kills 99.99 per cent of germs.

We are going to see even more Covid-19 gadgets hit the shelves this year.

The Catson

futuristic gadgets
Geeky Gadgets

For all those cat lovers out there this one is for you. A pet tech company based in China, called Catson, designed a product that will never allow you to clean out your cat’s litter box again. 

This is an automatic cat box that intelligently cleans out your cat’s litter box anytime it uses the restroom. With a series of complex sensors built into the space helmet, the device detects when your cat enters, does its thing, leaves and will sweep up its doo-doo into a smaller tray.

Essentially you won’t ever have to touch your cat leftovers again – because germs are gross.

Futuristic Gadgets called The Padrone Ring

futuristic gadgets
Courtesy of Padrone

With this incredible device, you will no longer need a touchpad or mouse for your worktop computer. This product is designed to be worn like a ring, taking a touch pad with you easily and conveniently wherever you go. 

A product company in Switzerland has created a product that allows you to wear the ring mouse and any surface you touch becomes an interactive input surface.

No more extra wires and bits and bobs needed – just a ring.

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