Moschino 2021: A Colourful Year Ahead
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Moschino 2021: A Colourful Year Ahead

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Having unveiled their collections up until Fall/Winter 2021, it’s clear that Moschino is in for a characteristically bright year.

Under the creative direction of Jeremy Scott, Moschino has put together several incredible lines for 2021, including a pop art-inspired Resort collection, a Fall collection and an accompanying short film reflecting the styles of the golden age of Hollywood and – most interestingly of all – a Spring Ready-To-Wear collection that was re-sized for a fashion show starring marionettes!

Here, DDW takes a look at the year ahead through the eyes of Moschino – and what a beautifully bold, bright and colourful year it will be. 

Spring 2021

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, it wasn’t possible for Moschino to showcase their collection for Spring 2021 with a traditional runway show – luckily, Jeremy Scott was able to ‘pull some strings’ to give Moschino fans everywhere a look at their designs for the upcoming season. 

In collaboration with Jim Henson’s Creator Shop, the talented team behind The Muppets, Moschino’s Spring collection was re-sized for a series of specially-created marionettes! Displayed in a live-streamed show that perfectly demonstrated the ‘whimsy, magic and fantasy’ that Jeremy Scott had used to inspire his latest collection, the 30-inch puppets took to the runway to model 40 beautiful new looks from the brand. 

This is a particularly glamorous collection from Moschino. There are cascading ballgowns, extravagant, tailored pantsuits and jackets and coats featuring impeccable details throughout, all created in the traditional colours of springtime – pinks, blues, greens and golds, among others.

All pieces have been designed in a way that pre-empts the renewed passion for getting ‘dressed up’ that Scott believes will be shared by millions once the world finds its way back to normality. 

“People are like ‘Sweatpants forever!’”, Scott told Vogue, “But I love exciting things that are one-of-a-kind and refined. We’re all desperate for that.”

Resort 2021

The collection released for Moschino’s summer season is, in Jeremy Scott’s own words, ‘a love letter to and from Moschino’. 

Having started designing the collection fairly early on in the pandemic, Scott found himself scrapping his initial ideas over fears that it didn’t fit the collective mood. Based in California, Scott was unable to travel to Moschino’s headquarters in Milan whilst developing the collection and was increasingly worried about the safety of his Italian team, whose home country was being hit hard by COVID-19 at the time. 

What resulted from his worries was a collection that seeks to pay homage to the styles and staples of Italian summertime fashion, as well as to the country itself – the aforementioned ‘love letter’ to Moschino’s team of Italian creatives, lovingly designed by its creative director. 

The collection is characteristic of Moschino’s trademarks of bright, bold colours and prints. It incorporates pop art-inspired polka dot pieces, sports-luxe tracksuits, suits and shift dresses covered with the Moschino logo and a range of pieces designed around the Italian flag – most notably including a t-shirt dress which features the slogan ‘I don’t speak Italian, but I do speak Moschino’. 

A perfect tonic to the times that we’re experiencing, despite the pandemic being in its infancy when the line was created, this is a collection that beautifully showcases everything that Moschino has come to represent – having fun, standing out from the crowd and looking great whilst doing it.

Pre-Fall 2021

Moschino’s pre-fall collection, the last collection previewed by Moschino in 2020, is based on one of Jeremy Scott’s favourite art forms – collage. 

“It’s how I usually work when I’m doing collections,” he told Vogue, “Illustrating them, taking pictures, cutting them apart, putting things together.”

What Moschino has produced as a result is a collection that picks apart the most popular styles among fashion-conscious women everywhere – the business professionals, the ladies who lunch, the alternative crowd – and borrows staples from each, putting them back together to create a new look entirely. 

This shows itself in various aspects of the collection, from the clashing colours and patterns to the mixing of smart, casual, athletic and elegant styles, sometimes all in a single garment. You’d think that this rather unorthodox approach might lead to some fairly unwearable results – however, every piece within Moschino’s Pre-Fall 2021 collection is beautifully designed and perfectly crafted, every ‘clash’ looking surprisingly well-matched. 

The silhouette of the majority of pieces seems to find its inspiration within the styles of the 1980s, with puff sleeves, asymmetric necklines and an abundance of leopard print layered against vibrant block colours. These trademarks of the decade fit perfectly with the ‘collage’ of styles and patterns featured throughout the collection. 

While perhaps not quite as ‘out-there’ as Moschino’s other offerings for 2021, the Pre-Fall collection is certainly another triumph for the brand – and perhaps the most likely to find its way into the staple wardrobes of women across the world. 

Fall 2021

This collection isn’t simply accompanied by Jungle Red, a short film created by Jeremy Scott to pay homage to Hollywood’s golden age – it’s directly inspired by it. Scott had planned, devised and envisioned every aspect of Jungle Red before the line itself had even been designed! 

Fresh from the release of his Spring 2021 runway of marionette models, Jeremy Scott was enjoying a newfound love of exploring just how exactly he could make the most of his fashion shows at a time when they needed to be a little more out-of-the-box – Jungle Red is the result.

The short film sees its all-star cast, featuring Dita Von Teese, Winnie Harlow and Precious Lee, enjoying a beautiful procession of garments that aim to accompany the fashion-conscious woman throughout every aspect of her life, whether it’s work, leisure, play or party. The collection is delightfully extravagant, yet another sign of the renewed love for looking our best that Jeremy Scott believes will be collectively shared once Coronavirus restrictions are a thing of the past. 

“Comfort schmomfort!”, Scott told Vogue, in another characteristically playful tirade against lockdown loungewear, “What we need now more than ever is fantasy and glamour and things that make you feel wonderful, and I don’t think sweatpants do that.”

It’s a little more vintage-inspired than many of Moschino’s previous collections – with its 50s-inspired ballgowns, pearl detailing and eye-catching hats and fascinators – but it’s clear that the themes leading to old Hollywood glamour are instrumental in the idea behind the Fall 2021 collection.

After the Second World War, fashionable women dressed with more opulence and style than ever before – why wouldn’t the fashionable women of the 21st century do the very same following the end of the pandemic?

In any case, this beautiful collection is the perfect finale for Moschino’s year. 

We may only be a week into March, but we’re already at the edge of our seats waiting to see what Moschino and Jeremy Scott unveil for 2022!

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