A Look At Top DJ Peggy Gou’s Luxury Fashion Line, Kirin
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A Look At Top DJ Peggy Gou’s Luxury Fashion Line, Kirin

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These days, it seems that designing a fashion line is a logical side-step for many of music’s biggest names. 

However, that’s not to say that the clothes that result from these lines aren’t just as high-quality as those that we see from many established design houses. Musicians such as Rihanna, Kanye and Beyonce have all taken a break from music to release successful luxury fashion ranges over the last few years, each and every one expressing the artist’s individual personality and brand expertly. 

DJ Peggy Gou
DJ Peggy Gou

One of the most recent names in music to branch out into the design world is star DJ Peggy Gou, who released her own vibrant luxury fashion range, KIRIN, in 2019 – and just over a year since its launch, KIRIN is yet to slow in its hype. 

Of course, Peggy Gou has always approached her projects with high-energy and ambition. At just twenty-nine years old, she has already released five critically-acclaimed EPs, amassed millions of fans across the globe and was even the first Korean DJ to play at Germany’s iconic Berghain nightclub – all in the six years since the release of her first single, Hungboo. After such an astronomic rise, it could only have been expected that Peggy was ready to try her hand at something new. 

The opportunity came after being approached for collaboration by New Guards Group, signing under this multi-billion-dollar parent company with fashion giants Off-White and Ambush. Her own designs seem to reflect the vibe of the New Gaurds brand perfectly. 

Peggy Gou's Luxury Fashion Line, Kirin

KIRIN is a line for the young, the bold and the bright. Many of the pieces within the line fit firmly into the category of high-end streetwear – bold, printed logos and colour-block designs are staples throughout. Much of it is casual, but that’s not to say that it can be considered particularly low-key. KIRIN is designed for fashion-forward men and women like Peggy herself – those who take pride in standing out. 

Highlights of the streetwear side of the KIRIN line include both flared and wide-leg jeans, decorated throughout with the trademark KIRIN branding, as well as teddy-fur coats, jackets, hoodies and even cosy teddy-fur hats! 

Of course, with restrictions lifting across the world in the coming weeks, we’re all looking to invest in some new party-pieces, too. Fortunately, Peggy Gou also caters for this side of your wardrobe with KIRIN – the line features a range of jumpsuits and mini-dresses, all just as elegant as they are unmistakably cool. If your mission upon returning to a life of socialising and partying within the coming months is to make sure that you always dress to capture the attention of the room, there’s certainly a piece or two within the range that you’ll want to pick up for yourself. 

Luxury Fashion Line, Kirin
DJ Peggy Gou

The line is seemingly inspired by the popular styles of the 00s – and if you’ve been paying any attention to Instagram recently, you’ll know that this is an era in fashion that is going through a very clear renaissance period lately. Likely down to a mix of nostalgia and a need for some colour within our wardrobes after a particularly sheltered year, so many brands recently appear to be taking a little inspiration from ever-vibrant labels such as Moschino, incorporating bolder, brighter prints and retro silhouettes into their designs. Released shortly before the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, it appears that DJ Peggy Gou may have pre-empted that trend with KIRIN. 

With that in mind, it seems that DJ Peggy Gou is just as much a trail-blazer within fashion as she is in music. We can’t wait to see what she comes up with next!

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