Is Fashion’s Future Virtual? The Maisie Wilen NYFW Show Uses Holographic Models
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Is Fashion’s Future Virtual? The Maisie Wilen NYFW Show Uses Holographic Models

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While physical fashion shows are back and booming, some designers are quite content to continue with digital proceedings if it allows them to experiment and push boundaries creatively.

Maisie Schloss, an emerging designer, debuted her Maisie Wilen high-fashion collection on seven-foot tall, holographic models wearing makeup influenced by Mattel’s Monster High characters at NYFW on Saturday.

Schloss launched her line in 2019, but she’s already established herself as a leading figure among the next generation of designers. Schloss’ digitally-crafted psychedelic prints and chic cyber-inspired partywear fit perfectly in an industry that is exploring the potential of a virtual future.

Maisie Wilen Fal 2022 Collection at NYFW

On Saturday, attendees of the Fall 2022 exhibition found hyper-real projections of models wearing the collection all over the wall. The virtual models lined up in a row, performing a series of repeated actions, similar to GIFs.

The brand’s decision to combine digital and physical made a lot of sense as Schloss uses a completely digital design technique anyway, and the op-art prints on the garments added to the overall look.

Last year, Yahoo worked with Christian Cowan and Rebecca Minkoff on shows that incorporated scannable QR codes and NFTs, and this year, Yahoo helped elevate Maisie Wilen’s runway as well. In order to produce the larger-than-life holograms and AR imaging for the event, Yahoo’s team put up 106 cameras around the models in a studio to capture 360 imagery in extremely sharp 6K resolution to reveal every element of the ensembles.

The LA-based designer began her career as an assistant at Yeezy and worked her way up to a womenswear designer under Kanye West‘s guidance. West gave her the first grant from his incubator programme three years ago, and she established her own label from there.

Ever since, her designs have been sported by Kim Kardashian, Bella Hadid, and Kylie Jenner, as well as appearing on the HBO drama “Euphoria,” in which e-girl aesthetics and fantasy makeup rule supreme in the corridors of a high school.

Schloss has dabbled with digital presentations before, but this time she created a hybrid approach, taking into account both home viewers and in-person guests. The complete collection is also available through a Yahoo-created shoppable website, which includes AR versions of the models that can be placed in one’s personal space.

Visit the Maisie Wilen holographic experience to see the full collection.

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