Looking Back on King Charles III and his Fashion Over the Years
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Looking Back on King Charles III and his Fashion Over the Years

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Often described as the fashion lover’s favorite monarch, King Charles III has worn some exemplary fits over the years.

There’s nothing more British than King Charles III and his fashion sense. From the never-failing nude trench coats to his unequivocally lord-like use of suits, the King has always showcased exemplary sartorial elegance in his dressing.

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While his style feels timeless and classical, Charles’ core environmental values are deeply embedded into the monarch’s sense of fashion. Founder of The Campaign For Wool, King Charles III has worked tirelessly to promote wool as a sustainable fiber in fashion and homeware through notorious collaborations and providing training to aspiring artisans.

With elegance in mind, here are some of King Charles III’s best, most iconic fashion staples over time.

King Charles’ Casual Wear

Image courtesy of @clarencehouse

Charles’ Polo Match Attire in the Late 70s

1975 was the year that Charles was often photographed at his most casual, attending Polo matches in light-coloured trousers and block colour t-shirts with stand-out sleeves and collars. Simple yet sophisticated, the King’s Polo attires reveled in their tailoring. Careful seams and rich fabrics made his outfits stand out, even if they really did only consist of a t-shirt and some light-coloured trousers.

Exhibiting the monarch at his most playful, Charles wore a funky yellow Hermès jumper combined with light-coloured trousers and knee-high boots (very 2022 of him) to attend one of his Polo matches. The outfit somehow remains the epitome of the monarch’s smart-casual.

The King’s Skiing Onesies

Charles has often been seen on his skiing holidays, which has given us plenty to admire regarding his chosen ski apparel. He tends to opt for monochrome onesies, albeit having been also captured wearing a blue and white fit on his skiing holidays with Lady Di.

King Charles at the Beach

Charles has been photographed several times in the past doing some form of boardsport or another. Often surfing or wakeboarding, the monarch’s affinity for watersports has not gone unnoticed, and neither has his quintessential Britishness doing so. Even in his spare time, we have seen Charles in the past sport the union jack in some form plastered all over his swimming trunks. Lately, however, he seems to have become very fond of flowery yellow patterned ones.

King Charles Abroad

Image courtesy of @clarencehouse

Charles in Australia

An all-time favorite by the monarch (at least back in the day) were his safari jackets, always in muted shades instead of loud eye-cathing tones – and he was often depicted wearing them abroad. Always a fan of tailoring and form, Charles has often mastered the art of simple couture, often in the form of safari jackets he liked to wear during his many trips down under.

The Monarch’s Elegant-Wear

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Charles and His Suits

At his most typical we see Charles wearing suits. He likes them in muted colours, but often accessorised or combined to meticulous detail. From a lavender-coloured shirt for his Vogue photoshoot back in 2020 to some pin-stripe trousers with a double-breasted black tailcoat, Charles wears his suits, as opposed to them wearing him.

Charles’ Kilts

Image courtesy of @clarencehouse

The King loves a kilt and we have seen him wearing plenty over the years. Neither is he afraid of unabashedly clashing tartan, or opting for unusual and bold colour choices. However, his unusual combinations always seem to prove to be a success, showing that Charles may often opt for safe colour choices, but when he does not, he successfully brings together the most unusual of combinations.

It’s fair to say we cannot wait to see what King Charles III wears for his coronation the coming month of May.

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