Find Your Pleasing: Harry Styles Launches New Beauty Range
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Find Your Pleasing: Harry Styles Launches New Beauty Range

November 19, 2021 Share

Singer Harry Styles, who is known for his signature gender-fluid style, has announced the launch of his own beauty brand. Following in the footsteps of many other celebrities, he announced his first business venture via social media on Tuesday, posting a promotional image of himself captioned “Find your Pleasing.” His interview and cover shoot with Dazed also coincided with the debut of his brand. The collection includes nail polishes, an illuminating primer serum, and a dual-purpose eye and lip oil.

Harry Styles’ new vegan beauty range

Styles’ entry into the world of celebrity cosmetics brands was simply a matter of time. However, his brand is said to be in conflict with the traditional beauty industry concept of concealment and is more about expressing and highlighting what you already have. He claims his new project is a “life brand” with products that should make people feel beautiful rather than masking them. Harry hopes that he can “dispel the myth of binary existence” by providing people with “joyful experiences and products that excite the senses and blur the boundaries.”

This new venture is an extension of Harry’s already distinctive and experimental style. The singer has always enjoyed playing with his appearance and isn’t hesitant to try new things. Whether it be floral print jackets, tutus or feather boas, he is often pushing the stylistic boundaries. His cover shoot with Daze is no different, as he is pictured wearing lilac flares and a slashed black vest while straddling a vintage motorcycle. 

Undoubtedly influenced by his style, his nail polishes are a nod to the pearl necklace he is often sporting, with the names “Perfect Pearl,” “Inky Pearl,” “Granny’s Pink Pearls,” and “Pearly Tops.” The collection also includes skincare – the “Pearlescent Illuminating Serum” and the “Pleasing Pen” – but Harry’s quirky use of nail polish is a significant part of his branding and style and so it is evident that this is the main focus for him. 

Harry Styles’ Dazed cover shoot

Not only is he using his new range of products to break down boundaries of gender expression, but you can now be stylish and eco-friendly with the help of Harry Styles. He has ensured that all the packaging is sustainably made, using post-consumer recycled plastic, compostable packaging and naturally sourced ink. Every product is also vegan and cruelty-free. Thank you, Harry.

According to Pleasing’s new website, prices range from $20 to $75, and the products are available for pre-order now and will be shipped at the end of November. Hopefully this is just the start, because we are excited to see what Styles and Pleasing grace us with next. 

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