Jolie Alien | The Rising Russian Model Whose Artwork Is Out Of This World
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Jolie Alien | The Rising Russian Model Whose Artwork Is Out Of This World

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The model artist Jolie Alien has made a splash in the fashion world but has now made her mark in the art universe. 

Jolie Alien began painting at 15-years-old after being diagnosed with dyslexia and dysgraphia. She used art as a way to express herself. 

Alien’s works are connected with personal memories, partly explaining her visual language. They are intertwined with surreal images, simple geometric patterns, and catchy inscriptions made with spray paint and overlap each other like a collage.

Essentially she outlines the idea of youth, which she has direct access to and is close to the adult world as a young adult.

Jolie Alien
Photo by Igor Pjorrt In Jolie Alien Portfolio

The complementary colours, expressive drawing and collage compositions of her paintings may seem confusing to many. Still, this confusion and ambiguity is a unique feature of Alien’s works that distinguishes them from many others. 

Jolie Alien
Photography by Ashton Do

From a first impression, her artwork is packed with colour, sometimes drawing directly from her experiences on the runway.

Whirpool Jolie Alien (b. 2002) Acrylic on canvas Courtesy a-s-t-r-a gallery and the artist
Four Elements Jolie Alien (2019) Canvas Acrylic Courtesy a-s-t-r-a gallery and the artist

“Art is now part of my life. It’s like reading a book or drinking a coffee every morning. I don’t know how to continue without it.” – Jolie Alien.

Celebrities-turned-artists are now proving that creativity is contagious.

Canvas, acryl
Alien Gang, 2019 Canvas, acryl
150 x 200 cm

“Most people are lucky if they even get to be good at one thing. However, some celebrities seem to have been blessed with a never-ending supply of creative talents,” claims The Best Life Online.

Jolie Alien may be the youngest rising Russian artist to note, but she is not the first or last.

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