Jewelry Pieces Inspired by the Egyptian Heritage
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Jewelry Pieces Inspired by the Egyptian Heritage

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Explore the magical significance of jewelry in ancient Egypt, transcending aesthetics to embody power, protection, and cultural heritage.

Beyond simple decoration, jewelry had great significance in ancient Egyptian civilization. Everyone appreciated it, from commoners to elites, for its aesthetic worth and as a representation of power and money. However, its significance went well beyond the tangible; Egyptians thought jewelry had magical qualities that allowed it to channel good energy to protect the living and the dead from evil. 

Image Courtesy of Azza Fahmy

The artists below have created unique jewelry pieces inherited and inspired by the Egyptian heritage. 

The Lotus Collection by Azza Fahmy

When Azza Fahmy started her career in design in the 1960s, she was Egypt’s first female apprentice in the jewelry district, having learned her trade in the busy Khan El Khalili bazaar of ancient Cairo. She is hailed today as the leading jewelry designer in the Arab world and the creator of the Egyptian designer brand.

Her jewelry designs are inspired by ancient Egyptian culture, fusing modern designs with calligraphy themes and semi-precious gemstone embellishments. Every composition narrates a distinct tale influenced by love poetry or song lyrics.

The Lotus collection, Fahmy’s most recent masterwork, is a tribute to Egypt’s rich cultural legacy through the renowned Lotus flower. Inspired by the eternal tombs of Egypt, these 13 magnificent pieces, painstakingly crafted from 18K gold and sterling silver, signify renewal and fresh beginnings. 

Image Courtesy of Azza Fahmy

Van Cleef & Arpels

Between 1922 and 1925, Van Cleef & Arpels created a line of jewelry influenced by Egyptian designs. These designs skillfully combine Art Deco elements such as stark contrasts and graceful lines with Egyptian motifs.

Image Courtesy of Van Cleef & Arpels

Reham Sabri Jewelry Collection

The first collection of Sabri’s namesake label was heavily inspired by historical Arab history, particularly the well-known Hilali epic, also known as “Al-Sirah Al-Hilaleya,” which tells the story of the Bedouin tribe of Bani Hilal.

This collection, which draws from the rich tapestry of Arab heritage, is rooted in the epic of Bani Hilal, the biography of Al Hilali, and the mythical exploits of Abu Zaid Al Hilali, a respected character from the Eastern area who was also known as the Zanati Khalifa in Tunisia.

The rose motif, expertly crafted from 18k gold and sterling silver, is a timeless representation of love and passion. It is adorned with turquoise and ruby stones that exquisitely reflect the spirit and charm of the story.

Image Courtesy of Reham Sabri

Jude Ben Halim’s Collection

The best way to characterize Jude‘s artistic approach is as a combination of modern art with traditional Arabic craftsmanship. Her method gives classic Egyptian jewelry a modern and youthful look, which gives her creations a unique charm.

Image Courtesy of Jude Ben Halim

El Mawardy’s Egyptian Lotus Ring in 18K Yellow Gold

The design philosophy of El Mawardy jewelry embodies the combination of art and culture. Each piece is carefully created using a harmonious combination of uniqueness, accuracy, and superb craftsmanship.

This gorgeous 18K gold ring, adorned with an alluring lotus enamel design, is a statement of luxury that subtly enhances any outfit with its unique charm and attraction.

Image Courtesy of El Mawardy

Hand Hammered Coin And Chrysoprase Chandelier Earring by Dima Jewelry

This item radiates harmony as it combines the dexterity of gold crafting with the alluring attraction of vivid chrysoprase. Delicate chrysoprase beads compliment three central gold coins, lending the ensemble a hint of organic beauty.

Image Courtesy of Dima Jewelry
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