Fashion’s Latest Luxury Collaboration: Axel Arigato X Mulberry
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Fashion’s Latest Luxury Collaboration: Axel Arigato X Mulberry

April 21, 2023 Share

Step up your fashion game with the Axel Arigato and Mulberry collab – a match made in minimalist, luxurious heaven

Collaborations in the fashion world are like the love children of two luxe-cults coming together for the greater good… aka, a better wardrobe. It’s a great marketing stunt and a way of offering the luxury clientele precisely what they want; more exclusivity with the release of limited edition wear. This time it’s two rather iconic accessory brands we’re focusing on: Axel Arigato and Mulberry.

Images courtesy of Axel Arigato x Mulberry

Mulberry, as you might know, is all about leather everything: wallets, bags, shoes… Axel Arigato, on the other hand, is mainly about shoes. They came together this week, in the release of a collaboration collection launched in a private event in London. The result is a mix of Axel Arigato’s Scandinavian minimalism and Mulberry’s Britishness, a collection which took a deep dive into the brand’s archives only to resurface with new and thrilling content. The collaboration amounts to 35 pieces which are inspired by archive Mulberry designs re-crafted into bags, hoodies, shoes… you name it and the collaboration has designed it.

Images courtesy of Axel Arigato x Mulberry

There’s a very Mulberry regal-ness to the designs, which becomes apparent in its shades of blue, green and white with golden accents. The brands have worked with a very ethical approach, using responsibly sources materials and abiding to a “made to last” manifesto. This, paired with Axel Arigato’s sustainable design approach puts the collection at the forefront of sustainable luxury.

The collection was well received by the fashion community, with many praising the collaboration’s unique blend of styles and luxury, and is now available for purchase online and in selected stores worldwide. The prices range varies quite drastically, with some pieces selling for $120 and other more expensive ones for up to $2,500 for jackets and coats.

Images courtesy of Axel Arigato x Mulberry

In the world of fashion, collaborations are the ultimate power moves, and the Axel Arigato and Mulberry collab is no exception. The blend of Scandinavian minimalism and Britishness, along with responsible and sustainable production, has resulted in a timeless collection of luxury wear. The partnership has offered a unique combination of styles, each bringing their own strengths to the table, resulting in an unmatched fashion experience. With its release, the collaboration has set a new standard for sustainable luxury fashion, making it a must-have for fashion-forward consumers everywhere.

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