It’s Official: Banksy’s Heading To New York City This Summer
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It’s Official: Banksy’s Heading To New York City This Summer

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Undeniably one of the 21st Century’s most iconic artists, who wouldn’t love the chance to get a look at an authentic piece by Banksy in person?

Luckily, those in New York City may just get that chance this summer, as the ‘Banksy Expo: Street Artist Or Vandal’ exhibition opens in the city this August!

The exhibition will feature plenty of Banksy’s work, including some of his most famous pieces. Anyone in the know about the artist will already be aware that to see such a vast collection of the artist’s work in one place is a fairly rare occurrence, given that so many of his iconic works have remained in their original homes, spray-painted onto buildings around the UK

The ‘Banksy Expo: Street Artist Or Vandal’ show has toured around fifteen cities across the world already and is also set to descend on Los Angeles at some point within the coming year. Despite its presence in several locations previously, there’s still plenty that we don’t yet know about the exhibit – certain details have, however, been released already. 

The exhibit is set to feature ‘over eighty genuine and certified works belonging to private collections’, alongside an exciting VR experience which has been created exclusively for the event, taking a look at Banksy’s career and legacy. It’s expected that full experience will last just over an hour and will be suitable for guests of all ages. 

This is a sharp contrast from previous Banksy exhibition Dismaland, which was touted as a ‘a theme park unsuitable for children’ – a now-infamous walk-through experience which put an unmistakably Banksy spin on the family-friendly Disney World theme parks across the globe.

However, while Dismaland was designed and commissioned by Banksy himself, guests to this exciting new experience should keep in mind that, despite featuring genuine Banksy pieces, ‘Banksy Expo: Street Artist Or Vandal’ is not officially authorised by or affiliated with the artist.

Banksy has been one of the art world’s most infamous and elusive names since he began to leave his mark on the streets of his hometown of Bristol in the 1990s, having quickly gathered recognition for his gritty, satirical and openly-political street-art. 

Despite his career spanning three decades, his identity remains anonymous to this day. Though, we did hear whispers that the man himself was in attendance at a DDW gallery party at which his work was being displayed back in February 2020…

Locations for the exhibition are yet to be confirmed, though we’re still expecting tickets to sell out quickly once they go on sale at noon on May 4th. So, if you’d like to pick one up for yourself, you’ll need to be poised and ready.

Tickets for ‘Banksy: Street Artist Or Vandal’ can be purchased here.

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