Investing in Experiences: The Rise of Celebrity-Backed Restaurants and Bars
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Investing in Experiences: The Rise of Celebrity-Backed Restaurants and Bars

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Did you know that your favorite restaurants or bars could be owned by your favorite celebrity as well?

Yes, you can bump into your favorite celebrity in their own restaurants/bars. If we are talking about diversified portfolios, then, let’s look at the following stars who managed to succeed in the business world and the F&B industry, investing in quality food and experiences, besides their success and passion in art or sports.

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Swan and Bar Bevy, by Pharrell Williams

Swan, the Miami restaurant and cocktail lounge opened in late 2018. It was instantly a hit in Miami’s Design District, led by Pharrell Williams, David Grutman, and chef Jean Imbert, the winner of Europe’s Top Chef Season Three, making it one of the most remarkable restaurants.

With a menu that prioritizes lighter, shared meals, Swan’s culinary approach centers around fresh, market-driven ingredients. Swan might be compared to a lively brasserie with a Miami flair. Seafood takes center stage, from Charred Octopus and Bluefin Tuna Roses to Chilled Oysters. Locally produced produce adds an added touch of freshness to signature dishes like Lemon Garlic Chicken, Blueberry Filet, and Spicy Vodka Veal Parmigiana. Swan’s signature dishes, such as Chips & Caviar, Hamachi Crudo, and Everything Bagel Parker House Rolls, naturally make an appearance and heighten the enchantment of the occasion.

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Tribeca Grill, by Robert De Niro

As a prominent fixture of the lively downtown New York City dining scene, Tribeca Grill has been around since 1990. A classic NYC dining experience, complemented by a Wine Spectator Grand Award-winning wine selection and excellent people-watching, can be found at the Grill, which is owned by renowned restaurateur Drew Nieporent and Oscar-winning actor Robert De Niro.

Restaurants endure over time for a variety of reasons. Instant interest was sparked by the illustrious group of investors that included Lou Diamond Phillips, Mikhail Baryshnikov, Christopher Walken, Ed Harris, Bill Murray, and Sean Penn. Tribeca Grill has hosted epic parties and special events for many celebrities, such as Bruce Springsteen, Taylor Swift, Jay Z, Bono, Tony Bennett, Billy Joel, Julian Schnabel, Nelson Mandela, Muhammad Ali, Joe Frazier, Whoopi Goldberg, Billy Crystal, Jay Z, and more.

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Michael Jordan’s The Steak House, Michael Jordan

Steak enthusiasts from near and far travel to Michael Jordan’s Steak House, which is tucked away inside Chicago’s famous Intercontinental Hotel on the busy Magnificent Mile.

This New York treasure is distinguished by its distinctive location—perched on a balcony inside Grand Central Station—and its traditional steakhouse menu, which has five delicious kinds of steak and an assortment of classic sides. Enjoy the architectural splendor around you or take in the bright energy of the station below as you eat your steak. The best steaks are included in each dish, professionally prepared to your preference. Michael Jordan’s Steak House elevates the traditional steak experience to new heights by emphasizing premium seasonal ingredients and strong, pure flavors – attaining the “Michael Jordan” standard of excellence.

Michael Jordan’s Steak House

Porte Noire, by Idris Elba

The inspiration behind Porte Noire was the shared passion for wine between Frenchman and wine enthusiast David Farber and multi-talented actor Idris Elba, who is best known for his parts in The Wire, Luther, and Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom. Inspired by the little wine bars of Europe, this wine sanctuary and restaurant is tucked away in the magnificent Gasholders building in Kings Cross, London. A great place to relax with good company and fine drinks.

Together with Idris’s enthusiasm and vision, David’s vast experience in the wine business has produced a delicious and unique wine selection. A visit to the renowned Sanger viticultural school in Champagne, France, marked the start of their adventure, which will culminate in the 2020 release of the highly acclaimed Blanc de Blancs Grand Cru vintage Champagne. Excited by their common goal of excellence, the dynamic pair built on the success of their first enterprise by setting out to find the next unique Porte Noire offering.

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Jac’s on Bond, by Nicholas Braun

Jac’s on Bond is a renovated home in New York’s NoHo area; it is co-owned by Nicholas Braun, better known as “Cousin Greg” from “Succession” (who is also a shareholder in Ray’s pub in lower Manhattan). Embracing a minimalist ’90s ambiance, Jac’s aims to be a neighborhood “conversation house” with a relaxed hospitality experience. Locals can relax there, play pool, and socialize with friends informally. In contrast to other hip pubs in NYC that are frequented by celebrities, Jac’s is all about genuineness, devoid of any pretense.

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