Bad Bunny and David Grutman Are to Open Restaurant in Miami
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Bad Bunny and David Grutman Are to Open Restaurant in Miami

June 22, 2022 Share

A conceptual steakhouse and sushi lounge are the essence of up what Bad Bunny and David Grutman are cooking in their latest culinary venture in Miami. Set to open in June 2022, the elegant concept restaurant is already highly expected amongst foodies worldwide.

Bad Bunny, the Puerto Rican artist with painted nails and enviable curly hair is launching himself into the culinary adventure that entails opening one’s own restaurant. Gekkō, opening in Miami this month, is a collaboration between Bad Bunny and entrepreneur David Grutman, who already owns a large portfolio of restaurants and clubs on the East coast.

If you know anything about Bad Bunny, then this culinary concept should come as no surprise. The star, who once worked at a supermarket in Puerto Rico until he caught the attention of Dj Luian and was catapulted into fame, is always headlining for one thing or the other.

Image courtesy of High Snobriety

Not only is he a role model for gender-defying fashion and shattering gender norms in the reggaeton industry – an otherwise very gender-dominated industry, but he is Jacquemus‘ latest investment, launching a campaign that shook Instagram. In said marketing stunt, Bad Bunny is featured wearing a pink dress and heels with socks by the poolside, looking splendidly feminine and masculine in equal measure.

Gekkō, which is Japanese for moonlight, is presented as a fusion between sushi, steak, and a lounge. Bad Bunny speaks of it as his little passion project, for he seems to love nothing more than going out for food once the lights and camera buzz of touring as one of the hottest artists of the decade burn out.

The pair met years ago at one of Grutman’s restaurants, with none other than Drake himself, and have been speaking about this new adventure for quite some time.

The menu is crafted around fine-cut meats, such as the Wagyu, which is usually used for high-end dishes in Japanese cuisine and is easily recognizable due to its marble-like appearance. As well as this, other Japanese delicacies are all to be served, with dishes presented like fine artwork.

The designers behind this curated space are Rockwell Group, famous for designing for the likes of Nobu, Fairmont, or the Oscars. The aim? An aesthetic that combines modern elegance through the use of graphic overlays, golden light, jewels, and natural wooden accents.

Image courtesy of High Snobriety

The restaurant will host 185 diners and will be located on the ground floor of Lux Brickell, at South Miami Avenue.

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