Inside The Colourful World Of Annie Doble
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Inside The Colourful World Of Annie Doble

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Nestled within London’s bustling Newburgh Street, Carnaby, is a boutique that invites those passing by to take a trip beyond its charming facade of coral-and-floral and into a world of vibrance, glamour and – above all – fun

This is Annie’s Ibiza, the latest opening from Annie Doble. Whilst this may be the first time you’ve heard Doble’s name, she’s already well-known to an illustrious circle of famous fans – Kate Moss, Paris Hilton and Abbey Clancy have all been known to pay her a visit in search of the perfect party look. 

It’s easy to see why. Annie’s Ibiza specialises in stocking the finest in rare, hand-picked vintage and the latest designs from the world’s most promising up-and-coming designers. A quick browse through any of the rails around Annie’s opulent, velvet-walled shop floor reveals a never-ending collection of beautifully unique pieces, with no shortage of sequins, feathers, tulle, chiffon, jewels and silk present throughout, amongst the many other staples of luxury fashion.

Wherever you look, Annie’s Ibiza truly is a fashion lover’s dream – perhaps because that’s exactly how it started out. 

Having grown up in a family that had no real affiliation with fashion at all, Annie was always eager to explore her sense of style further. At just six years old, she remembers asking her grandmother to subscribe her to the various magazines that had allowed a young Annie to indulge in her love of fashion. 

“I needed them,” she told Tatler, “I couldn’t wait to dress like a woman.”

It was a passion that never faded and, at the age of just 14, Annie began selling clothes for the first time, listing items through eBay. By 17, she had her own stall at Spitalfields Market, where she would arrive at 5am each weekend to set up her selection of vintage clothing – Annie admits that there were plenty of days where she wouldn’t make a single sale, but she was undeterred. 

However, it wasn’t until her early twenties that Annie discovered her true spiritual home. Whilst travelling over the summer, Annie fell head-over-heels in love with the vibrance, energy and unapologetic hedonism of Ibiza – keen for a less fleeting taste of island life, it was clear that this was the perfect place for Annie to set up shop. 

Opening her first permanent spot – a small retail unit, situated at the heart of Ibiza’s bustling port – the now-infamous Annie’s Ibiza was born. It wasn’t long before Annie’s keen eye for one-of-a-kind vintage and acquisition of many rare, beautiful pieces allowed her to begin building some particularly desirable connections – connections she worked incredibly hard to accommodate. 

Describing her interactions with affluent clients who travelled to Ibiza by yacht for the express purpose of visiting her store, Annie recalls putting in some particularly late shifts. 

“I’d get a call at midnight and pack the whole store to bring on their boat at 3am because a client was leaving the next morning,” she told Vogue. It’s clear, however, that this level of dedication paid off – especially when employed with some of her more recognisable clientele.

One such customer is definitive 00s ‘It’-girl and heiress Paris Hilton, who paid Annie a visit ahead of a ‘Metal Mania’-themed party on the island. After selecting the perfect piece for Paris, Annie found herself having to subtly ensure that no other attendees visiting the store came away having chosen a similar look for the evening. 

The idea that the perfect look should be one-of-a-kind is an attitude that Annie seems to have held onto throughout her career so far, selecting every piece that hangs within her store with her clientele in mind. One other core belief at the centre of her business is that Annie never stocks a piece that she wouldn’t wear herself – in fact, a quick look at Annie’s Instagram profile seems to hint towards hours of trying on and modelling her own stock. It appears that her stores are, to Annie Doble, the ultimate dress-up box. 

Another aspect of Annie’s approach to her business that sets it apart from the rest is the way that she handles the customer experience, with Annie taking pride in the fact a visit to Annie’s Ibiza – whether to the flagship Ibiza location or latest opening in Carnaby – introduces the client to a truly unique way to shop. 

“I offer a very personal shopping experience that doesn’t exist anywhere else,” Annie explains. 

“When I visit a department store, it feels like being in a clothing supermarket. When you come to Annie’s, you feel like you’ve gone back in time – it’s a different way to discover vintage.”

Vintage is still very much a central focus of Annie’s Ibiza, though Annie increasingly seeks out up-and-coming designers when acquiring stock for both of her boutiques. 

“I love supporting fresh new designers and building them up,” Annie says. Already, she has acquired bespoke pieces and limited edition lines from several rising names in the world of demi-couture, having worked with Christian Cowan, Ashish, Miss Sohee and Clio Peppiat, to name just a few. 

With such an eclectic mix of pieces to be found amongst the many displays within Annie’s London opening, it’s already clear that Annie’s Ibiza is well on its way to being one of the capital’s best-loved boutiques. For Annie, this isn’t just a personal victory, but a step forward for sustainability, too. 

As an ambassador for ocean clean-up initiative Project Zero, alongside Cara Delevigne, Georgia May Jagger and Princess Eugenie, sustainability in fashion is a subject particularly close to Annie’s heart. It’s hoped by many that the resurgence in demand for vintage clothing will go contribute to the movement. 

“Especially since the pandemic, everyone is slowing down. People realise the importance of buying vintage and not purchasing everything brand new,” Annie says. 

“I think it’s amazing that people clocked onto it and realise how special vintage is.”

Special, indeed – a fact that becomes especially clear during a visit to Annie’s Ibiza.
Annie’s Ibiza is located at 3 Newburgh St., Soho. Alternatively, clients can shop via the Annie’s Ibiza website.

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