Heroin Chic is Over: Kate Moss Launches New Beauty Line COSMOSS
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Heroin Chic is Over: Kate Moss Launches New Beauty Line COSMOSS

August 25, 2022 Share

COSMOSS, Kate Moss’ new beauty and wellness brand is 6 days away from launching. Here’s all the details we know so far.

With an Instagram full of ominous photographs of Kate Moss, an earthy palette and a reel of the 90s supermodel walking into a pond in the nude, COSMOSS remains a mystery ready to be unearthed.

COSMOSS, Image courtesy of Kate Moss

Launching on September the 1st, COSMOSS is Kate’s debut in the wellness world, one which she hopes to occupy with a brand that preaches soulfulness, sensuality, balance and healing. “Each Cosmoss product has been meticulously crafted with well-being in mind, using potent, natural substances. Each ritual opens a door to balance, restoration and love. The Cosmoss scent recenters and completes.” spoke the brand.

This brand is quite a feat for the British supermodel, it being her first brand but not her first rodeo in the business world. Following the footsteps of wellness-crazy celebrities, Moss is the latest addition to the lengthy list of brands such as Kim K’s Skkn, or Scarlett Johansen’s The Outset. That being said, we have previously seen her take over Diet Coke’s creative direction and being the face of Charlotte Tillbury, so Moss is not unfamiliar with the intricacies of business plans and set ups.

The launch of Kate Moss’ COSMOSS is also a big hit to the celebrity aesthetic of the 90s which Moss championed so elegantly. Having once been the face of the heroin chic and involved in scandals for her skinny body frame and drug usage, now delving into the wellness sphere marks the end of an era which has been looking to bury for years. Kate has now been four years sober, ditched the runways and instead focuses on a more mindful lifestyle away from the spotlight.

COSMOSS, Image courtesy of Kate Moss

COSMOSS, it seems, wants to reflect the earthy, nature-based trends which are sweeping away all the beauty gurus of the decade. Its visual outputs are dreamy, feminine and delicate, with a strong focus on embracing life and its imperfections. It feels like COSMOSS is looking to preach inclusivity

But what exactly is COSMOSS selling? The truth is, the mystery remains a great unknown, although there has undoubtedly been plenty of speculation. The Mail on Sunday vouches for a series of products focusing on Kate’s ”ideal rituals that balance body and soul with the natural environment and the circadian cycles“, which allegedly includes a special tea to eliminate toxins, CBD oils and facial cleansers.

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