Gucci’s New Fitness Ring Promises To Make You Healthier And Happier
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Gucci’s New Fitness Ring Promises To Make You Healthier And Happier

June 8, 2022 Share

Gucci is integrating the latest in wellness fashion to provide a luxurious way to track your fitness goals.

Luxury brand Gucci has partnered with Finnish health tech company ŌURA to create a shiny new ring that monitors your health and gives insight into your daily activity levels, heart rate and more.

The uberchic Gucci x Ōura Ring is designed with the legendary Italian fashion house’s signature interlocking G logo in 18-carat yellow gold and black titanium. A braided torchon-style pattern also spirals around the slick black band, making this more than your average health accessory.

Gucci x Ōura
Image courtesy: Gucci

“This first-of-its-kind innovation celebrates your individuality from the inside out,” says Gucci. “The special-edition Gucci x Oura Ring brings together Oura’s personalised health insights with Gucci’s legendary Italian style.”

The wearable technology ring comes equipped with ŌURA’s latest Generation 3 technology, featuring a suite of research-grade sensors tracking body signals and vitals. The concept behind the design is to encourage individuals to take better care of their health and wellbeing by following their heart rate, temperature, sleep activity and respiratory rate.

Targeting the harmful effects of stress or illness on the body, the sensors inside the ring calculate heart rate from the arteries in the fingers and grasp a much stronger signal than wrist-based watch alternatives. Designed to be worn throughout the day and night, the ring also includes a sleep analysis function that tracks sleep quality based on the vitals and time spent in each stage of sleep. Users can also access all their data on the ŌURA App, which analyses personalised health metrics and offers advice on optimising health, fitness and making the most of each day.

Gucci x Ōura
Image courtesy: Gucci

Gucci isn’t the first luxury label to partner with fitness and activity tracking brands. Tory Burch and Gorjana have both teamed up with Fitbit on a range of innovative accessories, while Apple has collaborated with Hermès to design interchangeable bands in various designs. However, the Italian brand is the first to launch a collaborative smart ring with cutting-edge technology.

The GUCCI X ŌURA ring is available online and retails in select stores at $950.

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