Ditch the Psychic: We Asked AI for its 2024 Predictions
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Ditch the Psychic: We Asked AI for its 2024 Predictions

December 27, 2023 Share

No tarot or palmistry, these 2024 psychic predictions are made by 2023’s main character; AI.

Your grandmother probably paid money to visit a psychic at some point in her life. She would meander into the artsier ends of town and sit down in some dark basement whilst a woman (because in movies they are always women), draped in silks and dangling accessories, would ask for her palm. Her future would be told amongst tarot cards, horoscopes and esoteric predictions.

Fast forward to today, the allure of peering into the future hasn’t faded, but the methods have gotten a tech-savvy makeover. Gone are the days of crystal balls, psychic predictions and palm readings; in 2023, we’re dialing up AI for a sneak peek at 2024. Ditching the psychics, we’ve chatted with ChatGPT, and here’s the AI-powered scoop on what’s brewing for the year ahead.

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Brace yourself, it might not be the smoothest of rides.

Continued Focus on Climate Change and Environmental Issues:

Given the increasing awareness and impact of climate change, as evidenced by the heatwaves and wildfires in 2023, AI claims there will likely be intensified global efforts to address environmental challenges in 2024. This might include more international agreements or initiatives aimed at reducing carbon emissions and promoting sustainable practices.

Advancements in Gender Equality and Women’s Rights

The momentum around women’s empowerment and gender equality, highlighted by figures like Natalie Portman, is expected to continue by AI. There may be further progress in policies and public discourse aimed at achieving greater gender parity, particularly in education and the workforce.

Technological Advancements and AI Development

With the growing influence of AI, as shown by the popularity of ChatGPT, we can expect further advancements in artificial intelligence and technology. This could include more sophisticated AI applications in various industries and possibly new ethical and regulatory discussions around AI use.

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Global Political and Economic Shifts

The geopolitical landscape is likely to continue evolving, influenced by factors such as the outcomes of military coups in African countries, the situation in Ukraine, and other international conflicts. Economic policies might shift in response to these geopolitical changes and the ongoing recovery from the pandemic.

Sports and Cultural Events

Following the success of the Women’s World Cup and the Cricket World Cup in 2023, there may be increased interest and investment in women’s sports and international sporting events. Additionally, the film and entertainment industry will likely continue to produce influential works that capture public attention.

Advances in Education and Research

The focus on higher education issues, like the debate over affirmative action in the United States, may lead to new policies or educational models in 2024. Research and development in various fields, including environmental science and technology, are expected to bring forward new discoveries and innovations.

Humanitarian Efforts and Global Health

The ongoing challenges in places like Yemen and Gaza, and the global response to these crises, suggest that humanitarian efforts will remain a critical focus. There might also be continued progress in global health initiatives, especially in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Economic Trends and Market Movements

The global economy will likely continue its recovery trajectory, but this could be influenced by various factors, including geopolitical tensions, environmental disasters, and technological advancements. The financial markets might see new trends, potentially influenced by these factors.

Cultural Preservation and Advocacy

Efforts to preserve cultural heritage, as seen in Somalia, may gain more prominence, with increased global awareness and support for such initiatives.

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Social Movements and Civil Society Activism

Given the backdrop of various social and environmental challenges faced in 2023, Chat GPT claims there is likely to be continued activism and advocacy by civil society organisations and social movements, aiming to address these issues at both local and global levels.

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