Artycapucines Collection | Louis Vuitton Launches Hand Bags That Will Leave You Hungry For More
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Artycapucines Collection | Louis Vuitton Launches Hand Bags That Will Leave You Hungry For More

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Louis Vuitton is taking a contemporary piece of art from the walls of our museums and placing them into your hands – with a price. Meet the Artycapucines Collection.

With each bag costing over $8000, it’s no surprise “that only 200 limited edition masterpieces will be available worldwide.”

Since its hit in the handbag market, the bags have swiftly become a modern house classic and staple of the brand. 

Artycapucines Collection

On 20 October 2021, Louis Vuitton celebrated the launch of the third iteration of its highly coveted limited edition Artycapucines collection with a glamorous event in Los Angeles. 

The event, which was hosted by supermodel Miranda Kerr and stylist Jamie Mizrahi, was an intimate dinner attended by 36 guests and friends of the house at the John Lautner Harpel House. 

Some of the most notable attendees included Kate Hudson, Katy Perry, Orlando Bloom, Nicole Ritchie, Rachel Zoe, Dylan Penn, Jennifer Meyer, Joel Madden, Kelly Sawyer, and Jasmine Tookes were spotted.

Orlando Bloom, Joel Madden
Kate Hudson

However, the collection for which the event was being held, the third instalment of the longstanding French house’s Artycapucines collection, is even more awe-inspiring than the guest list. 

With the limited-edition Artycapucines Collection, “the bag’s distinctive design and silhouette provide an ideal blank canvas for six leading international artists, including Sam Falls, Urs Fischer, Nicholas Hlobo, Alex Israel, Tschabalala Self, and Jonas Wood.”

Artycapucines Collection

More creatives in question are Gregor Hildebrandt, Donna Huanca, Huang Yuxing, Vik Muniz, Paola Pivi and Zeng Fanzhi. 

One design that stands out, in particular, is a handbag art piece created by Urs Fischer. Urs Fischer is a Swiss-born contemporary visual artist living in New York City. Fischer’s practice includes sculpture, installation and photography.

According to Louis Vuitton, “Urs Fischer’s limited edition transforms a white Taurillon Capucines BB into a hanging sculpture with the addition of six hyper-realistic, hand-painted silicone pieces of fruit and vegetables.”

Artycapucines Collection
Artycapucines Collection
Artycapucines Collection

The pieces will hang down the bottom or lay on the side of the bag by way of a super thin and delicate gold-plated brass chain. 

“The eye-widening detail of this bag, however, is the six accompanying accessories it comes with, featuring an assortment of fruits, vegetables, and produce,” says Nylon.

From mushrooms to strawberries, apples to bananas, it does give the idea of art a fresh look and feel.

Another standout piece is Zeng Fanzhi’s Vincent Van Gogh-inspired art piece. Zeng’s work is a unique synthesis of Chinese and Western traditions. 

Artycapucines Collection

According to Lifestyle Asia, “his work is expressed through vigorous, richly textured brushwork, and his paintings have often been concerned with studies on tactility, isolation and abstraction.”

These excentric stand-out handbags are one of a kind. Artycapucines Collection has officially launched; visit their website here.

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