Get The Look: Zendaya
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Get The Look: Zendaya

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Style Lessons We Can Learn From Zendaya

She may be just 24, but Zendaya has already more than earned the title of ‘style icon’.

Over the last few years, the actress has made her way onto ‘best dressed’ lists around the world thanks to her eclectic fashion sense and her wardrobe full of bold colours and daring silhouettes. There’s rarely a moment where Zendaya doesn’t ‘wow’, consistently stepping out onto the red carpet in beautifully put-together looks and experimenting with fun, quirky ensembles when it’s time to show off her street style.  

Perhaps Gen-Z’s ultimate ‘It’-girl, her varied looks keep everybody guessing – and some of fashion’s most celebrated names are taking notice, too.

“She’s already a fashion icon, but my prediction is that she’ll be a global fashion icon,”

Tommy Hilfiger said, having recently collaborated on a collection with the actress. 

“She’s iconic in her own look and she changes like a chameleon, from event to event and place to place, and people are intrigued with that. They love seeing what she’s going to wear next.”

One thing is for sure, she’s paving the way for a very fashionable future

Here are a few fashion lessons we can learn from Zendaya.

There’s A Way To Make Elegance Sexy

All eyes were on Zendaya at the Emmys in 2019 as she stepped out in an incredible custom Vera Wang gown.

There’s no doubt that the emerald green dress oozed sex appeal, featuring a daring mesh corset and a thigh-high split, though it was equally a show in sophistication, paired with plenty of Cartier accessories and matching satin court shoes. 

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Colours and accessories are a huge point to consider when putting together a timeless yet risque looks like this. Be confident and try out deeper, more unconventional tones, accessorising them with carefully selected jewellery and shoes – it’s these items that make all the difference.

Try Out Tailoring – From The Men’s Department!

Power suit, anyone?

If there’s any woman out there that knows exactly how to pull off a suit, it’s Zendaya. Whether it’s a figure-hugging slimline number or – a little more adventurously – straight from the men’s department.

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One of Zendaya’s most iconic tailored looks is the sharp charcoal Berluti suit that she wore to an event organised by Harper’s Bazaar – just a couple of months after actor Michael B. Jordan wore the very same look to Vanity Fair’s Oscars after-party! 

It may have been tailored for gents, but by adding stiletto heels and accessorising carefully, Zendaya was able to give the monochrome look a sexier, more feminine angle. No powerful woman’s wardrobe is complete without a suit – and by experimenting with a more masculine option, you’re sure to ooze glamour and confidence. 

Experiment With Sillouhettes

Trying out a wide range of silhouettes is a great way to expand your fashion horizons and work out what styles, shapes and lengths suit you the most. 

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Zendaya has never been one to shy away from a daring new silhouette, with one of her most memorable looks being the blue Dice Kayek dress that she wore to an event for Tiffany & Co. back in 2018, which featured a statement bow and bold balloon sleeves. 

If you feel that everything in your wardrobe is starting to feel a little flat, don’t be afraid to try out some bold new shapes and styles – you may just find one that flatters your body like nothing else.

Go Vintage

Zendaya is a pro when it comes to giving a vintage look an effortlessly modern feel, such as she did in the striped Christiano Burani ensemble she chose to wear to a party by Kode magazine.

There’s definitely something to be said for experimenting with the trends of bygone eras. After all, they were popular back then, so why wouldn’t they work just as well now? They’re not dated – they’re timeless. 

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Whether it’s the flapper style of the 1920s or bold cuts and shapes of the 1980s, there’s likely something out there in fashion history that you could certainly pull off as a part of your own wardrobe. 

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