The Very Best In Celebrity Street Style
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The Very Best In Celebrity Street Style

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Who’s Getting It Right And Where To Get The Look! The master fashionista, having been given the chance to show off your favourite look of Street Style.

There are few things in life more satisfying than taking the time to put together an impeccable outfit for an event that you’re looking forward to, before spending the evening feeling every inch of excitement to dress up. Unfortunately, it’s been so long now since such evenings were feasible that we’ve almost forgotten how it feels! So we’ve got you covered with the very best in Celebrity Street Style.

However, psychologists say that it’s important that we still put effort into the way we look, even in this strangest of situations, thanks to the effect that taking care of our appearance has on our motivation levels, positivity levels and general self-esteem. With that in mind, if the only place you have to show off your sense of style is walking the streets of your own neighbourhood, then why not go all out?

Fortunately, we have no shortage of street style inspiration at our fingertips, thanks to the best-dressed of the celebrity world, who have been putting their best foot fashion-forward for years, whether they’re at an elite industry event or simply running to their favourite local coffee shop. 

Here are just a few of the celebrities who have got their street style wardrobe down to a fine art – and how you can get the look yourself. 

Hailey Bieber

Street Style Look: The Bigger, The Better

We’ve all heard the phrase about how it’s better to ‘choose comfort, over style’, but Hailey Bieber is living proof that there’s no reason why you can’t choose both. The key to Hailey’s ultra-relaxed street style look is to build your outfit around an oversized statement piece, such as this incredibly simple (yet incredibly stylish) oversized button-down shirt.

Other staples of Hailey’s wardrobe are long, loose-fitting coats and low-rise wide-leg jeans generally teamed with a pair of bright white sneakers and chunky sports socks. Hailey tends to finish her look with minimal make-up and a messy bun or ponytail – effortlessly chic but always undeniably cool. 

Kate Moss

Street Style Look: Modern Bohemia

There’s no denying that Kate Moss is one of the most glamorous women in runway history, able to carry off a range of high-end looks with complete ease. However, when it comes to her day-to-day style, she chooses a much more vintage look, often sporting pieces in a range of softer, 70s-inspired silhouettes.

Flared jeans, mid-length coats and jackets, desert boots and botanical prints are among the most recognisable staples of Kate Moss’ enviable wardrobe, often accessorised with loose waves and frameless sunglasses.

While it may feel as though bohemian style is more suited to the warm summer months, Kate shows that a vintage coat can bring the same look into the winter with very little change needed.


Street Style Look: Soft Tailoring

A fairly new contender in the street style stakes, Zendaya is often photographed in suits and tailored co-ord sets, with perhaps the most recognisable of these being the sharp pastel pink suit she wore for her Good Morning America appearance in late 2017.

It doesn’t all have to be quite so smart, though – Zendaya often goes for the business-casual look, dressing down suits with cropped vests and trainers to brilliantly chic effect.

If you’ve neglected some of your more formal sets over the last year having started working from home, this is a great way to give them a little more relaxed look for day-to-day wear!

Gigi Hadid

Street Style Look: Jeans Go With Everything

A staple of any wardrobe is a high-quality pair of jeans! Durable, stylish and incredibly versatile, it’s a given that any good pair of jeans can be dressed up, dressed down and worn with near enough anything

Gigi Hadid utilises the versatility of jeans brilliantly, teaming her own with a variety of different complimenting pieces, including this eye-catching Ksenia Schnaider cardigan, finishing the look with a chic pair of heeled ankle boots.

If you have a good pair of jeans in your wardrobe, they can form the foundation of hundreds of great looks, so why not get creative with yours’ and pair them with something a little more out-of-the-box on your next outing?

Keke Palmer

Street Style Look: Every Day’s A Runway

Fashion is supposed to be fun, which we can all agree is in short supply at the moment! Keke Palmer’s fierce sense of street style goes to show that there is no such thing as ‘overdressed’, regularly experimenting with a range of styles, whatever the occasion.

In fact, Keke has so many different outfits in her personal lookbook that she’s been known to change up her style four times in the same day, with each ensemble more daring than the last.

Sometimes, the best way to get out of a style rut (which, after months of lockdown, many of having come to experience) is to try out something entirely out of your comfort zone – you may just accidentally stumble on your favourite new look as you do it.

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