Food Supplement Brands You Should Look Out For
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Food Supplement Brands You Should Look Out For

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Whatever your needs may be — better moods, more energy, improved health — you’re likely going to find a food supplement for it.

Long gone are days when only hardcore gym rats fuelled up on nutrition supplements. With new and emerging technologies developing around the matter, supplements have become something like daily doses of life-enhancers; helping with sex, sleep, vitality, emotions… you name it, a food supplement can give you it. 

The only issue, perhaps, is that there are way too many to choose from and not enough information readily available on the matter. A simple google search comes up with more than two billion search results — a rather lengthy list to scout out the best from. 

Here’s where modern, science-backed nutrition supplement companies come in and do their magic. 

Joymode’s Sex Enhancing Food Supplements  

Joymode takes pride in science-backed supplements, which they say, and we all know, is a lacking aspect of the market. Proud of how they guide their customers to make knowledgeable decisions on their health, Joymode is well informed by formulation advisors who are highly qualified in taking care of your health. 

Joymode’s Testosterone Booster 

One of Joymode‘s star products consists of a testosterone booster, a product geared towards better strength, muscle, and energy. Unlike many other false promising products, Joymode’s Testosterone Booster claims to supply you with your necessary doses of zinc, Magnesium, DIM, and Boron to support your T levels, as well as Ashwagandha which has compelling science around it. You can expect improvements in energy, stamina, performance, and mood.

Joymode’s Sex Enhancer

The second product, the Sexual Performance booster supports erection quality, firmness, and drive. It doesn’t require any preparation either; it can be consumed from 4h to 45mins before sexual activity.

Wild Nutrition’s Supplements for Personalised Health Goals  

Image courtesy of Joymode

Wild Nutrition is Henrietta Norton’s baby. Conceived after having to recommend supplements to a client, and failing to trust anything on the market, Wild Nutrition pitches supplements that collaborate with the inherently nutritious foods from mother nature. 

The products are grown through a process known as Food-Grown®, which involves the selection of natural ingredients which cultivate in a paste of high-quality and nutrient-dense foods. The process involves no chemicals and the process is drastically different from the synthetic food supplements we are used to. 

One of Wild nutrition‘s best features is its commitment to socially sustainable impact. It commits to plastic-free pouches, non-synthetic ingredients, recycled paper, and by March 2023 the option of fully refillable products. 

TheirTheir products cater to various needs, but Wild Nutrition also offers a self-test option to figure out what exactly you might be lacking in your diet. If skeptical, you can also shop by health goal, which means shopping for things like gut health, energy, beauty, cleanses, etc.

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