Keep Your Body Fit & Flexible With Roger Frampton
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Keep Your Body Fit & Flexible With Roger Frampton

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You have been a successful model for years, why decide to enter the fitness world?

I always kept in shape as a model to up my chances of doing more work. I fell in love with training and it became a natural step for me to study the body in the time I wasn’t on shoots or at castings.

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Roger Frampton

Tell us about your technique and why is it different to other types of training

The difference between my technique and a lot of other techniques is that we focus fully on movement goals or movement objectives as opposed to the visual look of the body. For example, we aim to teach you ‘to touch your toes’ instead of just ‘getting a six pack’.

Everything we do is about your long-term health and mobility and uses your bodyweight only.

Why are movement and stretching important?

Stretching is important so that our posture doesn’t close up as we get older. For want of a better phrase:  “If we don’t use it we lose it.” If we stop squatting down, one day we’ll never be able to do that again.

Years and Years stream live gig 3
Roger Frampton

Can you really sculpt your body without going to a gym or lifting weights?

Of course. Have a look at a gymnast. You just have to understand the basics of leverage to be able to add load/ extra weight to your training. For example, instead of adding weights to a bench, you’d work angles push-ups. The good thing about this is you’re never restricted by a lack of equipment and can train anywhere.

How much time should we dedicate to stretching a day?

Ideally, I would say around 3 x decent stretch sessions per week. However, I have 2 different ideas that I have brought out; my book is based on 10 minutes per day. Basically, just do a little something rather than nothing. The stretch plan is more for those that really want to reverse some of the tightness in their bodies and is based on the 3 x per week method.

Any tips for all of us now that we are locked up at home?

For a lot of us, it can feel like the end of the world being cooped up in our homes all day but think about what opportunity this brings. I’ve changed my workshops that are usually hosted at W hotel in London to using an online platform. It’s more affordable and you don’t even need to leave the house, well you can’t anyway 😉

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