Exploring the Surf Town of Taghazout, Morocco
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Exploring the Surf Town of Taghazout, Morocco

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Exploring the sand dunes, cuisine, surf and boutique hotels of Taghazhout – all whilst sipping on some loose-leaf Berber tea, of course.

Either flights are very cheap or something else is going on here, because every medium-to-good surfer is booking themselves flights to Taghazout this November. Located in the coast of Morocco, this tiny surf town of blue and white houses and winded streets may be well known within the surfing community, but its appeal to adventure seekers goes way beyond its often empty lineups.

Image courtesy of @laugs14.2
Image courtesy of @laugs14.2

From dreamy tagines, to sweetened loose leaf tea and a plethora of spices, Taghazout welcomes foodies, adventurers, digital nomads and all kinds of travellers to experience the joys of Morocco.

Flying into Agadir

30EUR – that’s the price for a cab from Agadir airport to Taghazout, which is around an hour-long drive down the African coast. Likewise, a lot of hotels are also located in Tamraght, a smaller, quainter village which is equally as appealing as Taghazout (if not more, depending on your point of view on tourists). Most often than not, airport pick-ups and drop-offs are pre-arranged with your accommodation.


You’re not short of options when choosing where to stay in Taghazout/Tamraght as we’re talking about a highly contested tourist destination that caters to expensive luxury and understated backpackers looking to catch some winter waves.

Hostels are a very popular accommodation option in Taghazout, particularly amongst solo travellers, digital nomads and those looking to meet like-minded individuals during their travels. Hostels generally vary drastically in quality, price and accommodation type, but Tagazhout offers quite high-end stays for a fraction of the price you’d likely have to pay elsewhere.

Alternatively, you can stay in more exclusive resorts. Whilst this is a great option to pamper yourself in a hamam, have drinks by the pool or enjoy the more luxurious lifestyle that Morocco has to offer, they do feel slightly less authentic than hostels do… which is where boutique hotels come in. Much more intimate and consequently authentic, the bay is dotted with exceptionally designed spaces that offer a mid-term option between the large chain hotels and the quaint hostels frequented by eager backpackers.

Irregardless of the accommodation you chose, most (if not all) tend to offer activities and surf rentals, which can usually be negotiated and explored with the hotel upon arrival, or else pre-booked as part of surf packages.

Munga Guesthouse

You don’t get more central than Munga Guesthouse. Located in the very bustling streets of Tagazhout, this boutique stay offers a truly thrilling cultural experience.

Fairmont Taghazout Bay

When has staying in a Fairmont hotel been a bad idea? You guessed it, never. Exemplary luxury and some of the best views of the coast, the Taghazout Bay Fairmont is a safe bet on quality, comfort and class.

Tikida Golf Palace

Calling all golf-lovers looking for a very Moroccan stay, the Tikida Golf Palace offers all your traditional luxuries with a special Taghazout-based twist.

Dfrost Almugar Seaside Boutique Hotel

The Dfrost Almugar Seaside Boutique hotel is a front row beach option for those looking to waste no time, ready to surf at first light, but wanting to head back to the hotel for a lavish breakfast mid morning.

Image courtesy of Booking.com
Image courtesy of Booking.com

Blue Waves Surf House

This hostel/surf camp is where all the influencers like to stay during their Moroccan travels. They own two surf camps, one in Anza and one in Tamraght, both very bohemian in decor and feel and great for dipping your toes into hostel life (if you’ve never tried it before!).


In case it wasn’t made obvious enough, surfing is a big thing in Taghazout. Having hosted the Rip Curl Grom Search finals at Anchor Point, the place has appeared on everybody’s radar and for good reason – it is home to some of the most consistent and exciting waves in North Africa (see Tamri, La Source, Banana Point or Boilers).

But it doesn’t quite stop there.

Image courtesy of @laugs14.2
Image courtesy of @laugs14.2

Whether that is surfing sand dunes at Imsouane, riding camels, camping at the Sahara desert, riding buggies or visiting Paradise valley – you’re not short on things to do and visit during your stay. And even if adventure doesn’t tick the box for you, there’s always the market-hopping of the Taghazout old town, where you need to prime your negotiation skills in order to bag a good deal.

Eating and Drinking

People will travel anywhere for good food, or so they say. Taghazout and its surroundings, luckily, are a perfect place to explore the beauty of Moroccan cuisine – albeit always with due care.

Beef & Reef

Hosted by the Fairmont, this place is a poolside option for fine-cut meats and extraordinary local seafood.

The Favela Restaurant

Located inside the Munga Guest-house (who you know it’s good), this place is all about beach-front views over the fire, the sea, shells and a laid-back dining atmosphere with locally sourced ingredients.

Amouage by Surf Maroc

Impecable interior design paired with cheerful hosts and a wide selection of good food: Amouage is perfect for the bohemian adventurers keen on curated and well-designed spaces.

Image courtesy of Amouage
Image courtesy of Amouage


This little design gem is one of Taghazout’s best places to delight in some live music with fancy cocktails as the sun sets.

Have we sparked your interest in booking your next trip to Morocco?

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