Elvis Presley’s 1962 Lockheed 1329 Private Jet is Up For Sale
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Elvis Presley’s 1962 Lockheed 1329 Private Jet is Up For Sale

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Equipped in red velvet and gold accents, Elvis Presley’s old Lockheed is truly fit for a king.

Calling all aviation enthusiasts with a knack for rock and roll: We’ve got a sweet deal you may be interested in. Lined in red velvet from floor to seats, The King of rock and roll’s old private jet is up for auction. Bought back in 1976 for a whooping $840,000, this may be one of many when it comes to Elvis Presley’s private jets, but only 1 of 202 JetStar airplanes produced by Lockheed. In other words; a true catch.

Image courtesy of Mecum

For many years, innumerable A-listers, renowned dignitaries, and star-studded celebrities flew in Lockheed’s JetStar executive jet. In September 1957, the same month that Elvis Presley’s single “Jailhouse Rock,” came out, Lockheed unveiled the renound design. The aircraft had four engines, which were housed in two pods located at the back of the fuselage, making it incredibly powerful and allowing for a maximum speed of about 565 mph and a range of up to 2,500 miles – more than enough to get those a-list celebrities out and about.

Inside, there was enough space inside for eight to ten guests to travel in comfort, as well as the three crew members who were present (two pilots and one cabin attendant). Elvis’ baby in particular, happened to also be lined up in red velvet and gold accents, providing an interior fit for a celebrity of Presley’s magnitude.

It’s not just the plane you’re getting though. The Jetstar now comes furnished with an onboard television with RCA VCR player, a cassette player and a Kenmore microwave, and its lucky new owner will also receive a copy of the Aircraft Security Agreement document signed by Elvis Presley.

Image courtesy of Mecum
Image courtesy of Mecum

The aircraft is ready to be disassembled and shipped anywhere, requiring coordinating assistance which is readily available. Upon purchase, its new owner will be facing an incredible renovation opportunity, allowing for this unique and precious heirloom of the singer’s past to withstand the passing of time in the creation of an exciting exhibit.

Image courtesy of Mecum
Image courtesy of Mecum
Image courtesy of Mecum
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